Ciklum’s senior management team has revolutionized IT outsourcing by blending their individual strengths and expertise in IT, human resources, administrative specialities and Eastern European business to create transparent and unique partnerships between clients, IT teams and employees.


 Torben Majgaard<p>Founder and CEO

Torben Majgaard

Founder and CEO

As founder and chief executive officer, Torben Majgaard has built Ciklum into one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. He brings 12 years of experience working in Eastern Europe and 22 years of IT expertise to quickly build a 1200-person company in this changing market.

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Sam Kingston<p>COO

Sam Kingston


Following a successful career in Chemical Research during which he published several scientific papers and was granted a number of patent applications, Sam moved into the Information &Technology industry in early 1990. He has since that time held international board level positions...

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Mark Burden<p> Interim CFO

Mark Burden

Interim CFO

Mark Burden, a British citizen, brings over 20 years of experience in Finance and Operations at high growth and technology companies. Prior to his tenure at Ciklum as CFO, Mark has served in executive roles at such telecommunication companies as Volia Limited and MTS Ukraine. As CFO and deputy...

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Marina Vyshegorodskikh<p> VP HR

Marina Vyshegorodskikh


Marina Vyshegorodskikh has built a strong team of human resource professionals in Ciklum which is delivering results and sharing and promoting the company’s values and goals. Her responsibilities as HR director include HR management, recruitment, retention and motivation, conflict and problem resolution...

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Anna Goryachkina<p>Chief Delivery Officer

Anna Goryachkina

Chief Delivery Officer

Anna is educated in both Ukraine and UK, she has worked for 10 years in IT area, building HR and software development teams for EU, USA clients. Her responsibilities as Head of HR Production include management of recruitment, retention and motivation teams; providing high level services...

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Craig Wilson<p> Chief Revenue Officer

Craig Wilson

Chief Revenue Officer

In the role of Ciklum’s Chief Revenue Officer, as part of the Executive Team in Ciklum, Craig is responsible for providing leadership for the overall strategy of the company's commercial activities. At Ciklum, Craig is responsible for integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions, including worldwide revenue growth across...

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Christian Aaen<p>CTO

Christian Aaen


Christian Aaen brings more than 15 years of solid experience in business analytics, consulting and program management to Ciklum. As VP of Services and Consulting, Aaen is responsible for the development and go-to-market of value-added technology, agile governance and consulting services as well as management and quality...

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Peter Row<p>Global Engagement Director

Peter Row

Global Engagement Director

As Ciklum’s Global Engagement Director, Peter has successfully integrated companies in both domestic and international markets using his more than 13 years of experience in outsourcing as his guide. He has achieved more than $5 billion in contract wins across most continents, covering many industry sectors, and all major IT service lines.

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Anna Ryzhova<p>Legal Counsel

Anna Ryzhova

Legal Counsel

Anna is a Ukrainian qualified lawyer educated in both Ukraine and the United States, who has practiced law for 9 years with global law firms in Ukraine serving mostly multinational corporations. Ms. Ryzhova obtained an LL.M. from the University of Pittsburgh and gained valuable practical experience working in a law firm...

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Frank Aaquist<p>VP Business Development

Frank Aaquist

VP Business Development

Frank Aaquist has 20 years of experience in sales, and 15 years of management experience. Before joining Ciklum, Frank spent 10 years in the Danish media industry. The most recent 7 years were as sales director at North Media, which publishes Denmark’s biggest newspaper, Søndagsavisen, with a circulation of more than...

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