Why our Clients use Belarus as a Custom IT Software Development Outsourcing / Nearshoring Centre

Why our Clients use Belarus as a Custom IT Software Development Outsourcing / Nearshoring Centre

          • Cultural ties to Europe and geographical proximity
          • Affordable prices and favorable investment climate
          • Highly skilled IT manpower, robust higher education systems
          • Most favorable tax conditions for IT industry in the whole Eastern Europe
          • IT market is growing at a fast pace – over 16,000 technical graduates annually
          • The average rate per hour of Belarusian software development companies is 6-10 times lower than in the USA or in Western Europe


In the 2011 “Analysis of Belarus as an Offshoring Destination” Gartner concluded:

“A strong education system and cost-competitive salaries, together with a reasonably strong workforce, have enabled Belarus to develop a mature IT outsourcing industry, supporting the country as an alternative destination for offshore activities, especially software development.” 

While being one of the most controversial countries in Europe, often times referred to as a “dictatorship”, over the past few years Belarus has managed to become one of the most powerful hotspots for the outsourced Research and Development (R&D) and IT, even though it is rarely mentioned in the official global industry ratings. Since 2005 Belarus has made and continues to make important steps towards becoming a true e-country with a well-developed ICT infrastructure, well-promoted ICT education, best-on-market IT resources and innovative ICT projects for both private and public sectors – steps that other officially recognized Central and Eastern European (CEE) hubs have not even planned yet.

The fact that many international giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Siemens, T-Mobile, Alcatel, Coca-Cola, Philips, SAP as well as leading innovative niche players such as eBuddy and Steely Eye have entered the Belarusian ITO market in recent years proves Belarus’ ability to offer robust technology solutions and qualified resources comparable to the leading recognized ITO hubs.

Country short overview

The Republic of Belarus is located in the geographical center of Europe between Russia in the East and Poland in the West. It takes only about 2 hours by air to get to Minsk from Berlin. Belarusian government supports the companies operating in IT sphere. According to Decree No. 12 of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated September 22, 2005, High Technology Park was created in Belarus. It provides outstanding business conditions with preferential taxation for outsourcing software development companies.