World’s First Eye Tracking Device For Windows 8 PC

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World’s First Eye Tracking Device For Windows 8 PC

Our software development partner Tobii, the world’s leading vendor of eye tracking technology named Technology Pioneer 2013 by the World Economic Forum, has just announced its plans to bring a revolutionary eye tracking device to consumers in 2013. It will come as an accessory tailored to any Windows 8 PC (desktop, gaming desktop and laptop). Tobii will showcase its gaze interaction device called REX next week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas, USA.  A limited edition of 5,000 units is said to become available on the consumer market in fall 2013.

Tobii REX promises to deliver a new and exciting user experience for those who are at the forefront of technology and innovative products. It enables users to control their computers by combining their eye gaze with other controls such as keyboard, mouse and touch. It is basically a strip that is easily attached to the bottom of the monitor (both in laptop and desktop) and plugged into a USB port. Once put in place, REX starts working with Tobii Gaze, a special software that tracks exactly what you’re looking at on the screen and lets you do things such as scrolling sideways or blasting asteroids in a game with just a glance.

The price of the final product is yet to be announced. However, the REX technology is already available to software developers for $995. Right now you’re welcome to register for a VIP pre-order invitation in spring 2013. Once registered, you’ll be able to receive a VIP invitation and access Tobii online shop 48 hours before the official release.

Tobii Technology’s Head Office in Sweden started up its own software development team with Ciklum in Ukraine back in 2010 and has scaled it up to 20 people since then. Tobii Norway started up their 2-person software team with us in 2011 and has grown it to 12 people to date. I encourage you to read a case story by Tobii Norway’s General Manager Ole Alexander Mæhle and learn how to use nearshore software development resources as an effective extension of your in-house IT team and how to use Ciklum business model as a successful long-term solution.

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