AKQA to Share a Unique Insight into Digital Strategies of Big Brands

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AKQA to Share a Unique Insight into Digital Strategies of Big Brands

Stefan Olander, VP of Digital Sport at Nike, and Ajaz Ahmed, Founder of AKQA, have recently made an ambitious public announcement that “advertising is over”. In their book Velocity: The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital they’re addressing the ways how digital has already changed things for all brands. Now when you can get the real opinions and reviews of your product / service from millions of people, you don’t necessarily have to invest a single penny into a powerful ad campaign with a catchy jingle, groovy strapline and lots of fibs– that’s just hissing in the wind compared to the meaningful insights and data we can instantly access today via diverse digital channels. While still being able to create brand images and messages and send them out to the target audience via outdoor ads or TV commercials, let’s admit the fact that brands are no longer able to control their reputation – ad campaigns that create myths or overhype a brand / product get exposed and ridiculed right away. So, why invest in advertising that can be reduced to a twitter joke at the end of the day? What’s important for today’s marketers is the new ability to create promotion campaigns that substantiate the product value rather than mythologizes it. In a digital world, their job is to build out from their brand and audience knowledge by collaborating with, not commissioning, talent from beyond.


Stefan Olander and Ajaz Ahmed claim that collaboration is a much more powerful way of understanding how to better serve your customer and their most sophisticated wishes. That being said, talk value is worth more than any ad. It’s no accident that today’s most successful companies have established themselves through indispensable services, not just shallow promises: their how-it-works and soft-sell approaches, that don’t even dare insult the audience’s intelligence and common sense, have proven to deliver true value. According to Olander and Ahmed, the new seven laws for businesses in a ‘world dominated by rapid change and digital technology’ are:


  • Evolve immediately. Entitlement kills.
  • Get going. Things get better.
  • Make meaningful connections.
  • Never have anything to apologise for.
  • Make yourself proud by making people’s lives easier, richer and more fun.
  • Have the balls to make the calls.
  • Do the right thing: play from your heart.


These laws have become fundamental at AKQA, an award-winning digital marketing agency recognized to be the Agency of the Year 2011 on both sides of the Atlantic by Adweek and Campaign magazines. Neville Kuyt, Technical Client Partner at AQKA, will speak at the Ciklum Mobile Partner Conference “What’s APPening Next – the Shifting Landscape of Mobile” that will take place on 27th September  2012 at Thistle Marble Arch Hotel in London.


Neville is going to talk about what big brands are planning to do with mobile. As a digital advertising agency, AKQA has a unique insight into the thinking of major companies like Heineken, Nike and FIAT, and in his talk Neville will present how these companies have evolved their thinking about mobile over the last 5 years – and where they are likely to go next. Examples will include the ongoing evolution of Nike+, why it exists, how it evolved, and what innovation drivers we see. Neville will also talk about the “internet of things” and how mobile is a key part of that – for instance, FIAT’s use of mobile devices to make cars “smart”.


Source: Wired, 2012


About Neville Kuyt


neville kuyt AKQA to Share a Unique Insight into Digital Strategies of Big Brands

Neville is a Technical Client Partner at AKQA, where he works with major clients to define, plan and execute strategic technology engagements. His background is in software engineering, and he has experience in ecommerce, mobile, automotive, finance and marketing engagements.


Before joining AKQA, Neville worked in technical leadership positions for several London-based startups.


Neville has 4 children, and lives on a converted Dutch barge, which he sailed across the North Sea to its current mooring in East London.



About AKQA


AKQA is one of the world’s most respected agencies: they help global brands win in the digital age. They bring ideas and innovation to the most forward-thinking companies such as Audi, Diageo, Gap, Google, Nike, Verizon Wireless and Xbox. They have earned numerous international accolades, including Agency of the Year a record 19 times. At the end of 2011, AKQA was named Agency of the Year on both sides of the Atlantic by Adweek and Campaign magazines. They have 1,120 employees around the world, with offices in Europe, North America and Asia.


What’s APPening next- the Shifting Landscape of Mobile

Neville Kuyt and 9 other speakers from SalesGossip, Polestar Digital Media, Netbiscuits, LoopMe, EVRYTHNG, Steely Eye, Marmalade, Kaboodle and OpenText.

Entrance is free of charge but spaces are limited, sign up HERE