At Ciklum we offer a very transparent, flexible and easily scalable approach to IT outsourcing

Ciklum’s full scope of IT Outsourcing services nearshore in Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Belarus) and offshore in Pakistan is based on the company’s unique business philosophy of blending the technical, human and administrative aspects of software development all within a flexible framework. As part of that philosophy, Ciklum builds in consulting, technology and human resources services into the core offering. These elements are part of how we achieve not only a transparent working environment for our clients, but also provide access to the resources and tools that enable you to increase time to market and create a sustainable and profitable business.
Ciklum’s flexible and transparent approach to IT outsourcing allows you to pick and choose services, IT resources and infrastructure, with the ability to scale up or down with short notice and minimal investment. By offering a menu of services that evolves as the market shifts, Ciklum help you gain control of your processes and systems. We take outsourcing beyond the rigid structure of old school IT outsourcing companies and into a new generation of workers that have direct communication with clients and no interference.

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We are flexible and would be happy to do almost any type of project for you. But our experience tells us that if you have long-term work and the same people working for you as a team over long periods, this is where you can reach very high value for money.

Our main business is as such to help you build your team (your department/office) in Ukraine, support it and help you get the very best from it. We will keep providing you and your team with more services to greatly enhance the value and flexibility.

The ability to develop for new platforms and grow the team is of the utmost importance. Layar realized that this would be a difficult task to achieve when solely focusing on The Netherlands as a source for highly skilled mobile software engineers. Therefore, in the beginning of 2010 Ciklum was selected to form a team of software engineers in Ukraine. Maarten Lens-FitzGerald,  General Manager

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