Business consulting

Why care about business consulting

Clients we have worked with boost productivity 50%, double their revenue and are constantly cutting waste from the development process helping them to be more able to respond to change.

On the way to business agility any company faces a complex challenge that cannot be addressed by a simple fix. The challenges we have been observing are

  •   - slipping projects deadlines
  •   - competition brings products to the market faster market share shrinks
  •   - opportunities are missed as IT cannot keep up with business.

Bold ambitions of our clients require bold actions from us. Companies need to change the way they engage with their clients, develop business and collaborate internally, and we help to go successfully through a change.

What kind of business consulting we provide

Equipped with 9 years of practical experience in optimizing business and IT processes we step in to refine a business development strategy, release management approach, feedback cycles, etc.

To achieve it we

  •   - perform a holistic assessment of the delivery process from idea development to deployment and getting a customer feedback. We do it though a series of interviews, observations, participation in a development process and workshops with the client representatives
  •   - create a vision of a new reality and a solution roadmap for getting there.

Finally we may work with client to implement detailed solution roadmap.

Benefits of business consulting

For some of the clients, clarity about the problems they are facing is already a step forward but half-measure is not something we want to settle on. Client success stands on reaching the business goals including

  •   - releasing more commercially successful products
  •   - saving money on operational costs by getting rid of wasted efforts or
  •   - boosting team productivity though smoother processes and higher work morale.

How can we help you?

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