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Why our clients choose a Client Owned Software Development Centre?

The Ciklum Own software development Team Model is ideal for any company wanting to expand on their existing software development needs, but are unable to do so due to cost, lack of qualified local expertise or a variety of other reasons. Ciklum Own software development Team Model allows companies to hire their own software development staff and manage them directly.

The Software development personnel are hired and managed by you, with our help to ensure that you get the best from your team. This model is used by over 200 of our clients to develop their core business applications and to optimize and improve their existing platforms. Ciklum Own software development Team Model allows you to build sustainability with minimal investment or risk with Ciklum’s scalability and flexibility that evolves as markets shift.

It is not suitable for:

Ciklum Own software development Team Model is not suitable for short term projects and quick fixes. If you need some project based or peak resources to help you with custom and one off projects. We offer custom software development solutions, which are idea for this:


What are the major Benefits ?

Ciklum Own software development Team Model has the following major advantages:

  • Highly qualified software development specialists: You gain access to top developers for Java, .NET, Web, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Microsoft Dynamics and more state of the art technologies.
  • Unrivaled Quality and Agile software development Practices: We help you find and retain the best specialists in your industry, then keep them at the forefront of best practices and development techniques, by hosting 100’s of knowledge sharing and industry expert lead events.
  • Significant cost advantages: Although cost is not the only consideration for most of our clients, our clients typically save over 50 % on their software development costs.
  • Fast recruitment: Ciklum is a leading employer in Eastern Europe and has won Best Larger IT Employer year after year. This allows us to attract the best and the brightest and retain highly qualified specialists for your team. This enables a quick team building process in just a few weeks.
  • Efficient collaboration: You receive your own permanently employed nearshore employees, who work for you directly and under your management. We offer guidance and support in order to make sure this is the most effective software development team you will ever manage.
  • All-inclusive service:Recruitment, HR-Service, Start-up support and consulting with best practices for setting up client own development team


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How can we help you?

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