Facts & Figures | Ciklum

Facts & Figures

Ciklum is a growth driver

25 of our customers have reached the IPO stage with the help of Ciklum development

Your reliable partner

We work with Top-10 EU companies in areas as diverse as gaming, digital advertising, banking, and financial services

We pioneer

Ciklum was the first company in Europe to receive IC Agile certification, in 2009. All our custom software development and product projects are implemented using SCRUM.

Our teams are multicultural

We have native speakers in 15 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Irish, Danish, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Pakistani, Arabic, Swedish, Dutch, and Polish

support IT community

We organize and host more than 100 developer events per month, including seminars, hackathons, and live translations of global events like Google I/O and Apple Worldwide Developers Conference