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Whatever your business challenge, our product engineering services will solve it. Our team of +4,000 developers, consultants, data scientists and architects will engineer technology that redefines your industry and improves the way your customers live.


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We combine deep sector experience with market-leading technology to create scalable custom platforms.

Digital experiences

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Consumers demand modern, highly personalised, frictionless digital experiences - always on, always connected, always operational. Businesses need competitive differentiation to survive and thrive. We specialise in working with large, global organisations to meet the changing needs of their customers, and to transform their operations.

Solutions at a glance
  • Digital transformation: transforming customer experiences through scalable, best-in-class solutions across all customer touchpoints.
  • Seamless consumer experience: data-driven analysis enables highly personalised customer journeys.
  • Transformation enablement: utilising robotics in finance with conversational AI to create intuitive mobile & web experiences.

Product engineering

How we help

Whether an ambitious start-up or an established mulitnational, every financial organisation needs the ability to experiment with new propositions. We have a range of capabilities designed to help you rapidly ideate, experiment in the market, refine and scale.

Solutions at a glance
  • Direct-to-consumer commerce: reach new segments with new propositions through scalable, user-focused technologies.
  • Secure online employee platforms: enable hybrid working through user-friendly solutions, with security at their core.
  • The latest in RPA, AI, ML and IoT: save time and resources with advanced financial processes, and simplify the value chain.

Master data management

How we help

It’s imperative that every piece of data within your organisation is accurate, secure and consistent, irrespective of how much data you have or how complex it is. With our expert team of data engineers, data consultants, data scientists and BI engineers, we can help you maintain control of key business data and manage it better than ever before.

Solutions at a glance
  • Data management governance: helping you master data across your organisation - collect, buy, store & organise data effectively.
  • Data analytics: developing digital analytics expertise to make informed decisions to reduce risk and drive growth.
  • Continuous improvement: with a sustainable feedback loop, you can constantly evolve and build upon your data-driven experiences.


How we help

In a climate where agility and innovation is everything, being able to spin up new technology faster than competitors is essential. Partnering with us gives you access to a range of outsourced Payments-as-a-Service functions, where you can easily bring in all the integrated financial tools with the technology you need to deal with more transactions at a lower cost.

Solutions at a glance
  • Real-time payment processing: deliver services your customers want with online payments & smart payment routing.
  • Fraud and risk management support: oversee risk throughout your payment functions.
  • Open APIs: powerful payment gateway integrations connect third-party solutions with your existing systems.
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"Our experience with bringing on a mobile development team from Ciklum was absolutely stellar."

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“Ciklum provides us the ability to scale up our operation on demand when we need it."


"The ability to scale fast was very helpful in our project. In less than 6 months we scaled up our team to over 100 people."


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