January 10, 2017

10 Tech Anti-Trends For 2017

10 Tech Anti-Trends For 2017

What is out, and what will be in, for 2017? The new year is an opportunity for outdated tech trends to be replaced by better, more real-world-friendly trends.


1. Agile

The word Agile has been overused for the past few years, which made it somewhat meaningless. Another reason for this anti-popularity is the irresponsible approach of some teams, grabbing 2-3 Agile principles and moving ahead, without considering the appropriateness of those principles for the team and client’s business. Continuous Delivery (CD) is likely the logical successor. CD is about cyclically developing and releasing. CD comes with quick reaction times and flexible release options.


2. Big data

Big data was a buzzword for a while. Ciklum expects that the traditional notion of big data has run its course, and that artificial intelligence is on the rise instead. Artificial intelligence also makes decisions based on a lot of personalized data, but in a more sophisticated, useful manner.



3. Clouds

The vast majority of companies are using cloud technology. Ciklum believes that organizations will begin to use the cloud in more strategic ways, such as by adopting hybrid approaches that use local servers or data centers as well as the cloud to minimize security issues.


4. DevOps

DevOps refers to the system, methodology and set of processes put into place to increase team collaboration. While it is a catchy term, it leads to the misconception that it is merely merging development and operations. We expect it to evolve into something that envelops the organization as a whole and changes the culture. This concept is called BizDevOps.




Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is unencrypted and puts your information at risk. In 2017, Google plans to flag if you are entering an HTTP website, in hopes that more websites will move over to HTTPS, which is more secure.


6. Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT should connect all of our devices together, but it has not yet been able to do this. Too much competition and a lack of compatibility have made the IoT nice in theory, but disjointed in practice. In 2017, the IoT should enter the next phase of true usability – and the mainstream.

“IoT will continue to grow, and we even can’t imagine now the volume of its growth in the future”, confirms Igor Lushchyk, Big Data Engineer in the Ciklum’s Lviv team.


7. Mobile apps


Mobile App Development

Ciklum mobile dev team believes that while apps will stay popular for communication and entertainment, more brands will start to decide it does not make sense for them.


8. Smartwatches

Even Apple overestimated the market for smartwatches. The Microsoft Band and the Pebble brand ceased to exist, and Android Wear has yet to make any inroads. Wearables have an exciting future, but the future of smartwatches remains to be seen.


9. Software development

Software development will undergo a shift in coming years. While traditional programming relies on explicit instructions telling computers what to do, the major advances in machine learning and its subset deep learning will be game changers for software development.


10. Websites

It will be a gradual transition, but we can already see single-page web apps replacing full websites. People want click-ability, instant access and convenience.


Any ideas or comments on the anti-trends for 2017? Already inspired to use innovations to cut costs for your business? Feel free to comment or contact Ciklum right now!