April 21, 2016

The Weirdest Mobile Apps One Could Ever Make

The Weirdest Mobile Apps One Could Ever Make

Part of the love we have for our smartphones is that there is an app for almost everything and everyone. Keeping this in mind, there are some pretty “interesting” people out there. If there’s an app for everyone and every need, there must be some odd apps, and there are. Something most people would never think to use. In this article, we take a look at five very strange apps for iOS or Android devices.


1. I Love Potatoes

Yes, I Love Potatoes is an app! It is a kids game available on iOS and Android that focuses on a monster who is making sure a village of potatoes has everything it needs, but you (as a local small fry) start getting suspicious of the monster. Behind this game’s colorful graphics and the silly plotline is a theme of social responsibility, encouraging kids to speak up and take a stand when they notice that a “monster” in their own world is causing problems. Not the simplest way to get the message across, but with a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play store, kids seem to like it!

Google Play Customer Rating:

192 Ratings

2. Click Wheel Keyboard

If you had one of the early iPods with the click wheel or an early BMW navigation system, you’ll remember having to turn the wheel or dial seemingly a thousand times to get to the letter you wanted. Just don’t miss. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back! If you’d like to put up with this level of inconvenience for a little bit of nostalgia, check out the Click Wheel Keyboard app for iOS. It even makes the classic “clicking” sounds as you turn the wheel from side to side. If anything, this app makes the click wheel even harder to use than it used to be; now you have all those emoji’s to scroll through too.


3. Watching Cute Girl

This one may top this list. The app is exactly what it implies; it is simply an attractive Japanese girl staring at you who will sometimes say something to you. If you crave physical contact via an app, she’ll even give you a “hug.” Incredibly, with 41 current reviews on the iTunes store, the app gets an average of a 4 Star rating (out of 5). So hey, there are at least 41 people out there who have downloaded this app, and most of them have liked it enough to let you know about it.

Watching Cute Girl


4. Places I’ve Pooped

Think of this as your personal Yelp for bathrooms. If you’re someone who has trouble using public restrooms or are just very conscious of your “movements,” consider downloading this app. It doesn’t even matter what device you have! While it’s a struggle for some to get their favorite iOS app over to Android, never fear, this app is available for BOTH devices!

Itunes Customer Rating:

966 Ratings


5. The Most Useless App Ever

Download it and find out how useless an app can be.
It let you put a button on the home screen, and you can tap the button whenever you want. That’s it. In the upgraded version, the authors added a useless counter to count how useless the application is.

Google Play Customer Rating:

2031 Ratings



Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool

Customer Reviews:
“I downloaded it a few hours ago, went to the basement and said out loud “If there’s a spirit here, please say something.” Immediately it said “Frank” that is my name!”

Spooky, isn’t it? This app lets you know what ghosts around you are saying. The authors promise to add a group chat feature soon.

Itunes Customer Rating:

58 Ratings


Think your app idea is weird? Keep in mind that “Places I’ve Pooped” has received almost 800 reviews on the Google Play store. There really is an app for almost everything, but almost isn’t everything, so if you can think of an app that may fill a need, niche, or would just be funny to use, contact Ciklum and let them help you develop your idea.


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