June 2, 2016

7 Mistakes Killing Your eCommerce Site Conversion Rate

7 Mistakes Killing Your eCommerce Site Conversion Rate

Your business may have excellent products and services but if your eCommerce website has a poor user experience you are missing out on turning potential customers into paying customers. Making any of the following seven mistakes could be hurting your eCommerce site’s bottom line.

1. Poor Design

Website design is an important element in turning a visitor into a customer. This is not to say cutting-edge effects boost sales, rather, designing a site that produces conversions requires understanding the path potential customers follow. A site that looks fancy, but lacks conversion-persuasive elements will leave guests with a sense of awe, but won’t convert them. A conversion-encouraging design uses images, text, buttons, and white space to direct attention on the page while avoiding clutter.

2. Performance: Loading Speed

Amazon found that every 100ms added to a page’s load time cost the company 1% in sales. Researchers at Intuit found that each reduced load time between 15 and 7 seconds lead to a 3% increase in conversions. That effect continues with conversions rising at gradually decreasing rates down to 2 seconds. Use the tools at Pingdom and WebPageTest to see how well your site loads.

3. Poorly Implemented Navigation

Your site’s navigation actually gets less useful as it gets more complex. The site navigation should contain links to the most important site content and search bar while being located above the fold. If your navigation provides a treasure trove of links, it might actually be counting on you because it’s too cluttered for visitors to find what’s important. A good navigation only features what visitors care about. Webpage traffic data analysis can tell you what they view most.

4. High-End Pics

You can have too much of a good thing when it comes to pictures. Larger, high-quality pictures look a little better than medium-quality ones but obliterate load times. Using web-optimized images plummet load times and improve conversion rates.

5. Negative Feedback

If you’re getting bad reviews on your products or about your site, listen to what the customers have to say and address those problems (assuming the complaints are reasonable). Strong customer care can turn this situation around. Guests see negative reviews on products and look for similar, better-reviewed options.

6. “You May Also Like” Offer

“You May Also Like” offers are great for bringing in customers, but they are not helpful when you’re trying to close a sale. These ads are distracting and disrupt the conversion flow process by taking visitors away to look at other content.

7. Weak Content

Have you ever decided against making a purchase because the product descriptions were a bit thin or the “About Us” didn’t exist? Strong content will help improve your credibility as a business and encourage conversions. Your can further content efforts by adding goodies like a useful information highlighting blog.
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