July 12, 2016
Continuous Integration and Delivery

Being Agile Without DevOps – is it Possible?

Being Agile Without DevOps – is it Possible?

With our modern, on-demand nature, we all have come to expect the latest and the greatest with very little wait time. Being Agile allows software companies to be faster when it comes to innovation, adaptability, and delivery to the market. However, once the software hits the open market, developers also want to be able to make changes quickly and efficiently. Usually, to ensure this type of development and responsive speed requires a DevOps team.


Source: UpGuard

But would a software developer be able to be Agile without DevOps?

How to Deliver Quality Quickly

To meet the core principals of being Agile, a few things will need to be put into place internally.

    • The Development team(s) and the Operations team(s) need to be on the same page.
    • Software rollout must be automated and have a number of checks so quality can be assured before releasing updates to the public.
    • Software needs to be designed with cloud infrastructure or services in mind, so engineers should be involved in meetings.
    • Various members or each team should contribute their expertise, which benefits the team and allows them to learn skills from each other.

All in all, ensuring these principles are adequately met sounds like it involves a significant amount of communication between teams, specifically between development, engineers and operations. At its core, this is the essence of a quality DevOps team. So it would seem that the answer is no, you cannot be Agile without a DevOps team.


What if We Don’t Have a DevOps Team?

If you are a new, fully staffed software development company or are a new division within your larger firm, you may not have a DevOps team. Is it still possible to be Agile? Yes!

The secret to becoming Agile as part of a new company or division, is that by going through the Agile process for the first time, you will begin building a DevOps team. By following the principles above, development, and engineering and operations will need to have an open line of communication, which will begin strengthening the relationship between the departments. This will ensure they maintain quality control during pre-production, development, testing, rollout and post-production.


What if A Division Needed Isn’t Available?

If any of these teams, development, engineering or operations, are not accessible to your company, or you are simply too small to employee full time, fully staffed teams of all three, you can consider creating a DevOps team with an outside partner. Fortunately, Ciklum has a number of skilled DevOps team members who would be ready to step in and work with your company as needed to fill in the gaps, and allow your company to become Agile. For more information on how Ciklum can help you become Agile, contact us today!