January 19, 2017
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BizDevOps — Real Enterprise Agility or Nonsense?

BizDevOps — Real Enterprise Agility or Nonsense?

You may have heard the term “DevOps” a lot in recent months and, according to Google Trends, it seems to be on the drastic increase. But what is BizDevOps and why does your company need to know about it? Let`s make it out and see that BizDevOps is not just another buzzword.

What is BizDevOps in a nutshell?

BizDevOps has knocked down the remaining silo of DevOps by integrating business management into the development flow. This cooperation among planning, doing, and maintaining allows for flexibility and enables companies to better align their development methods with best business practices.
The most thorough way to achieve this integration is to follow a strategy that encompasses the entire process, from planning to deployment. That is the basis of BizDevOps.

BizDevOps Creates Real Enterprise Agility for Many

Organizations that provide software solutions and operations management experience positive results from including business needs in the improvement process. For example, HP tried a new BizDevOps approach with its LaserJet Firmware division and ended up realizing:

  • a 40% reduction in development costs
  • a 140% increase in programs under development

This coalition of business, development, and operations leads to increased agility by streamlining communication and approval processes throughout development. All team members must speak the same language so the group can react quickly when changes are required.
A BizDevOps process involves frequent releases, with constant feedback on how the product meets users’ needs. By including the business segment of operations, decisions about changes can be integrated into development quickly. This faster process helps organizations achieve a better time-to-market with a product that will better suit customers’ needs. Also, by instituting a fluid BizDevOp process, a company can more readily adapt to unexpected situations and address changing customer needs rapidly.


But BizDevOps Is Not Always the Best Approach

BizDevOps isn’t the right approach for every business, however. For companies whose customers want to see a long-term plan and are not interested in constant updates, this approach may not be the best because it focuses on rapid, incremental changes, not big-picture stories.
In addition, for projects that focus on system design, a fast, iterative approach may not work as well as a carefully thought-out workflow. In these types of projects, agility is not as important as careful consideration.



The key to determining whether a process like BizDevOps is right for a particular organization or project is to know what the end user wants and expects and the desired time frame to deployment.


Interested in exploring the option of BizDevOps at your company? Ciklum can help get you started. With our support team, any ambiguity you might have about BizDevOps will be clarified.