August 22, 2017
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Business Automation: Tangible Benefits For Your Company

Business Automation: Tangible Benefits For Your Company

Business automation (BA) can be a huge boon to companies, and many companies are already taking advantage of automation tools.

Machine learning and AI are only a few of the tools that you can use in BA. Essentially, BA can perform any kind of mundane, repetitive task that you or your team hate. Even complex tasks like social media posting, banking, or project management can use BA technologies to streamline and simplify redundant duties.

Machine learning market

Business automation will certainly become more and more commonplace in all types of workplaces over the next ten years. To give you a jumpstart, we’ll give you an overview of this increasingly beneficial technology and describe the tools necessary for implementing BA technologies at your company.

The Benefits of Business Automation

1) Establish streamlined processes for all employees

Workflows and processes can differ from department to department and even from person to person. Automation helps these processes become more repeatable so your team doesn’t waste time.

Workflow automation

With workflow automation, you can reduce time and cost of completing the process by 20% – 45%.

2) Centralize communications within and across departments

It is inefficient for employees to search for information scattered across multiple information systems. Instead, automation simplifies information discovery – even inter-departmentally.

internal communication at the company


Employees are going blind to hour-lasting presentations on the latest visions and old-new strategies to overcome the company’s challenges. The effective automation of internal communication is vitally important to make sure everyone is on the same page.

3) Reduce human error

The digital paper trail business automation ensures that if a mistake or accident occurs, you can discover the issue quickly, repair it effectively, and correct the problem for good.

Implementing Business Automation Technologies 

There are many, many ways you automate your business processes. Here are three of our favorites:

  • Automate social media

Write your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn updates, and then schedule them to be released at a set time and date. Hootsuite is one of the most popular services to automate this process. You can also use automation tools that let you follow others and thank your followers automatically.

  • Choose a hosted website

You don’t need to host your own website; instead, let a website hosting service monitor your security, ensure your conversions, and provide technical support.

Website hosting facts


  • Customize data aggregation

Instead of using multiple platforms for data aggregation, why not let automation tools monitor your data, report relevant numbers, and provide real-time reports? You can do these things with many types of software; Cyfe is one of the options.

Ciklum has designed mobile apps that help companies automate processes. We have designed voice-based personal assistants, integrated company-wide tools with third-party platforms, and created artificial intelligence mobile apps with machine learning capability – just to name a few projects. Regardless of your business automation goals, let Ciklum develop tools that make business automation technologies work for you.

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