May 5, 2016

Case Study: Virtual Reality App for an Eye-Opening Travel Experience

Case Study: Virtual Reality App for an Eye-Opening Travel Experience

If you are the most popular youth travel company in the world, your target audience is the most demanding one. How may one gain the Millenials’ loyalty? How can you enhance the customer experience?  Contiki Holidays offered the potential customers to experience virtually the destinations they would like to visit.

Industry: Travel and Leisure
Platform: Android OS
Technology: Unity
3D part integration: Oculus, Samsung Galaxy Note

Aim:  Offer an eye-opening travel experience to young people from 18 to 35 years old from around the world with Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus and connected to Samsung Note.

Apple Mackbook 2015 MOCKUP

Stage 1

Ciklum’s task was to develop a prototype of the Virtual Reality application (Proof of Concept) to test the feasibility of the idea. It involved extensive research, analysis, development, and testing.

02_Free PSD Mockup 2

Stage 2

After the PoC presentation, Contiki Holidays decided to develop the real-world application with Ciklum’s team. Since the developers already made a good start with basic Virtual Reality features for the PoC, the real-world application was just a gradual increase of the functionality by the requirements.

The development team used Agile SCRUM development methodology. With its short iterations, Contiki Holidays took an active part in the development and provided immediate feedback, adjusting features to the changing requirements. With Agile Contiki Holidays was testing already functioning product after each iteration, and was focusing on the most relevant app features and design details.



  • Built a functionally innovative Virtual Reality application for the Android platform
  • Upgraded VR application for Samsung Note 6

The application takes the potentials client on a virtual journey to the destinations they had only dreamt about, like New York, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and others.

The app features interaction points where the user chooses different routes, smooth transitions between 360-degree videos, object targeting, and more. It has a simple and clean navigation system and high-quality 360-degree video content. The collaborative effort of Ciklum developers and effective communication with the client yielded a functional, user-friendly software product released within budget and defined time frame.

Now, Contiki Holidays uses the VR application as a sales tool and continues cooperation with Ciklum on product support and additional features development.


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