October 23, 2018
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Lingerie Brand Chantelle Restores Its Pre-Eminence with Ciklum

Lingerie Brand Chantelle Restores Its Pre-Eminence with Ciklum

In October 2018 Ciklum has been selected to Retail CIO Outlook’s listing of Top 10 Retail Tech Companies in Europe. The Retail Tech Europe Special October Issue highlighted how technologies empower the retailers to better serve the customers. Homer Dong, VP of Engineering from Groupe Chantelle told Retail CIO Outlook on company’s challenges, goals and how partnership with Ciklum helped on Chantelle’s technological transformation journey.

Chantelle is a lingerie brand owned by Groupe Chantelle. Founded in 1876, the French lingerie company is a trendsetter in the manufacturing of elastic knitted garments. The Kretz family took the ownership of the company in the 1900s and exclusively used ‘Kretz tulle’, an elastic fabric to design lingerie. A major lingerie brand in the western market, Chantelle possesses 15 subsidiaries across the world. The company is known to have launched several iconic garment collections, including Défi, Les chéris, Vertige, Hedona, to name a few.

Chantelle Confronts Conversion Issues

Homer Dong
Chantelle was facing serious competitive issues with regard to attracting customers through digital channels,” describes Homer Dong, VP of Engineering, Groupe Chantelle, “Initially we outsourced most of our digital projects but the results were not satisfactory. Thus we decided to establish our own in-house digital expertise in Berlin and named it Chantelle Digital Lab.
Homer Dong, VP of Engineering, Groupe Chantelle

According to Dong, strategizing realistic objectives is one of the major elements to achieve success. Chantelle was struggling to come to grips with the technical aspect that provides a competitive edge in the market. Although the organization had leveraged and relied on Scrum methodology and Magneto for a few years, maintaining those elements incurred high costs due to a fast shrinking talent pool and a fierce competition of engineering resources in Berlin. Moreover, the company required authentic engineers to help with the implementation of smart technology in order to drive improvement in the conversion rates.

Facing these challenges, Chantelle started to look for a new type of service partner that would offer the flexibility and quality to meet the lingerie powerhouse’s ever growing digital ambition.

The Objective

The major objective of Chantelle was to achieve a high-end retail strategy teamed with cost-effective technological measures, without compromising on the quality and consistency of the products delivered.

Photo of Chantelle lingerie shops. Credit:

Enter Ciklum: Chantelle’s Marketing Perspective Gets Revamped

As outlined by Dong, “Chantelle bestowed complete authority on its extended team at Ciklum in terms of technology implementation.” The team worked autonomously, focusing on front-end and back-end processes. Additionally, Ciklum rendered full support in terms of maintenance and debugging. The team has been the backbone workforce in the launch of three online shops and several other vital online marketing initiatives in its relatively short history.

Chantelle trusted Ciklum as much as it trusts its own employees, says Dong. Working with Ciklum, as stated by Dong, has helped Chantelle grow confidence in terms of strategizing future-ready goals.

Future collaborations

“We are moving toward a new technical architecture for our latest solution,” reveals Dong. Chantelle will be collaborating with Ciklum for their cloud-based micro-services architecture, which involves updating the technical stacks in a progressive manner and hiring more engineers into the team in order to keep pace with the steady technological transformation in the retail space.

The article was originally published in Retail Tech Europe Special October Issue, 2018

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