November 10, 2017
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Ciklum 2017 CSR Report: How Does The Life Of Ciklum Look Behind Projects And Revenues?

Ciklum 2017 CSR Report: How Does The Life Of Ciklum Look Behind Projects And Revenues?

Before you start working with a business, you need to know its story and values. Each year, we release a Corporate Social Responsibility report about the efforts of Ciklum team in making positive impact in communities across the globe. In 2017, we’ve been working on harnessing the power of technology advancements, and have contributed to protecting human rights as well as saving our planet. Ciklum CSR policy is built on transparency, organizational governance, and ethics, which creates value for Ciklumers and our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017

Highlights from 2017 CSR Report:

At Ciklum, we believe that companies should have human values: ethics, integrity, loyalty, and compassion.

Ciklum values




Social Impact

Ciklum initiated office tours to empower young people through series of presentations and trainings. These sessions are aimed to prepare the next generation to tackle the challenges of our rapidly changing digital world.

office tours
Green initiatives at Ciklum



  • Held 6 Charity Weeks in Gdansk, Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Vinnytsia.
  • Raised 2,000 USD and tons of goods for kids in orphanages and villages, older people in hospice, homeless people and refugees.
  • Cooperated with charity foundations “Blagomay”, “Hospicjum Pomorze Dzieciom”, “Loving hearts”, “House Mom”, “Crisis Center”, “Station Kharkiv”, Okhmadet hospital for kids, “Elena Pinchuk AntiAIDS Foundation”, “Daryna Zholdak Foundation”, “Laska” and “Happy Paw”.
  • Supported the program “From Patriots to Patriots. Ciklum 1.5% Contribution Program”. Starting from 2014 till 2016, Ciklumers collected UAH 13 mln and transferred to the volunteer organizations.


Cooperation with the Press



Goals for 2018While the world is changing, Ciklum continues to evolve its business implementing innovations and making the decisions that allow our employees and our customers to tackle digital challenges of the future. Our commitment to corporate responsibility remains strong and we see amazing opportunities to catalyze positive changes for Ciklum, IT industry and global society.

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