March 7, 2019
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Ciklum Announced as Finalist at 2019 DevOps Excellence Awards

Ciklum Announced as Finalist at 2019 DevOps Excellence Awards

In 2019 Ciklum took part in the DevOps Excellence Awards and was shortlisted for “Best Continuous Deployment Project” for a continuous deployment project with Novax. Computing’s DevOps Excellence Awards showcase outstanding achievements from organisations, personalities and solutions operating in the DevOps space.  

Organisations that implement DevOps culture can react rapidly to customer feedback, set more iterative software releases and incorporate innovations faster. However, adopting DevOps practices can be challenging as it happens primarily on the cultural level.  For the “Best Continuous Deployment Project” category the judges assessed how the DevOps team rolled out its continuous deployment project and demonstrated the value it created.

Continuous deployment project

Ciklum’s client, Novax, has been supplying electronic medical records systems to the Danish health sector for more than 30 years. The company has an app that will be used in medical clinics to maintain electronic medical records. The app is based on a microservices architecture and Novax turned to Ciklum’s DevOps services to implement Continuous Deployment (CD) in its development pipeline. The DevOps team set up CD in multiple environments, where development, automatic testing, manual testing, performance testing, and staging are performed. The implementation of CD helped Novax get fast and continuous feedback from customers and react quickly by deploying frequently in small parts and updating each service.

Vladyslav Gram
Understanding the social impact of the Novax project, Ciklum created the most suitable DevOps workflow. We used the best instruments to ensure project development speed. At each project stage, we chose the most effective and simplest methods to reduce technical debt. This well-defined process enables fast delivery of all necessary changes to end users and feedback from them.
Vladyslav Gram, Head of DevOps at Ciklum

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