March 18, 2020

Ciklum in Retail and Consumer Goods sector – an insight

Ciklum in Retail and Consumer Goods sector – an insight

Arvind SharmaArvind Sharma leads Retail & CPG Vertical, and Digital Commerce at Ciklum and has more than 19 years of cross-industry experience. Since 2009, he has been working with clients on digital business transformation programs, primarily in the Retail, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing sector.

Across Retail, we are applying competencies to a number of core applications within the Retail value chain such as:

In January 2019, I started analysing key messages from client conversations to continue to deepen our understanding of their challenges. Unsurprisingly, I found that 4 out of 5 conversations are centred around non-technical issues. Here are some of the common pain points highlighted by clients:

  • Attempting to access the right talent at the right time and creating agile delivery teams with high performance,
  • Delivering against the real priorities and constraints of the business – especially when collaborating with multiple suppliers,
  • Managing BAU operations and legacy environment alongside a focus on transformation and innovation,
  • Navigating the complexity of the current state of architecture and developing a clear view of the future stat,
  • Finding the right data and KPIs, improving data quality, and attention to data privacy and data protection. Adopting an end-to-end synchronised view of the entire supply chain; from predict inventory (incl. local store) to appropriately responding to customer expectations,
  • Delivering the business value and outcomes from technology investments – especially when working across functions/silos,
  • Getting to Market quickly  – legacy culture, long cycle times inability to transform existing CI/CD pipeline and engineering infrastructure.

Also, compared to other sectors, the retail and consumer goods sector require even faster, more flexible, more granular, more accurate and more efficient operations – across all silos:

Just a few weeks ago, at NRF 2020, I learnt that many apparel and fashion retailers are building new business models to address the consumers’ focus on sustainability and circular economy. They are creating new capabilities and features in their digital commerce platform, and changing/adding new processes. These organisations are successful with these critical business initiatives because their people and organisational culture are aligned, and are therefore ready for the change.

At Ciklum, the experience we provide extends beyond technology:

  • Product delivery teams with specialist business knowledge and experience;
  • Bring lean thinking to our client’s existing business to reduce waste and drive up the value;
  • Build products that delight end-customers by independently driving innovation; 
  • Significantly reduce time to value through cutting edge engineering and automation practices;
  • Deliver projects at pace and to a deadline;
  • While solving complex legacy architectural challenges and reducing technical debt.

We believe in creating complete customer-centricity to drive the right next actions for their Business, and we continue on our journey to entice feedback to continue to widen our ability to achieve this holistically.

We’d love to hear your insights and understand the challenges that you’re facing, reach out to us on to start the conversation.