50% savings. Access to the pool of 357,000 IT specialists. 90% retention rate. 70% increased productivity. Twice as fast to market. We could keep going. There is a lot that is appealing about Ciklum, but our most cherished assets are our people, with native speakers in 15 different languages, and our clients, who are consistently excellent partners. In part due to our impressive clients, the ratings and review site, Clutch, has recognized our achievements. Based in Washington, D.C., the well-respected B2B inquisitor compiles advanced quantitative data, client reviews acquired through interviews by Clutch analysts, and carefully-selected and representative case studies to paint a clear picture of innumerable companies in a given sector. By these means, businesses can interact in more transparent and efficient ways.Ciklum recognized as a Top Performer

We were lucky enough to have been rated as a top software developer in Ukraine and Poland Currently, Ciklum has two offices in Poland, which are located in Wroclaw and Gdansk:


This year, thanks to our clients amazing feedback, we also received the honor of being named one of the top software development companies in Belarus by Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest.

Meet Ciklum Minsk team:

Ciklum was included in the Clutch list of Leading B2B Service Providers taking into the account client feedback, work quality, services offered, and market presence. The praise goes to our clients, whose exceptional partnerships have rocketed us forward. Their candid and celebratory input to Clutch is much appreciated.

Sona Shah, CEO of Neopenda, explained the Ciklum way of getting things done.

“Other groups told us it couldn’t be done, but that was simply because they didn’t know how to do it. Ciklum has always tried to come up with creative ways for ensuring we achieved our goal. From a project management perspective, Ciklum has done a great job. We always know what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Ciklum is very good at explaining this process to us.”

A manager at an Enterprise IT Service shared the results of working with Ciklum:

“Our biggest project with Ciklum resulted in an e-commerce platform with $50,000,000 per year in sales. Our clients are unaware of Ciklum’s involvement in the work; we act as their sole contact at a project management level. I cannot comment on client feedback, but we’ve been able to deliver very good quality results and Ciklum has played a part in that.”

Whether your company needs to build a product from scratch, extend its IT capabilities or work with a managed team, contact us and and we will infuse your project with our digital expertise.

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