March 12, 2019
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Ciklum R&D Launches JobBot to Simplify Recruitment Process

Ciklum R&D Launches JobBot to Simplify Recruitment Process

Job searches are no exception to the growing prevalence of chatbots in every sphere of human activity and Ciklum R&D team recently developed and implemented JobBot on the company Facebook page to help applicants find vacancies that match their interests, levels of expertise and desired locations. JobBot gives results by matching users’ search terms with words in the headlines and descriptions of more than 150 positions available at Ciklum. JobBot can understand 10 frequently asked questions and most common small talk. Other job search related messages can also be comprehended with a newly developed high-performing NLP (Natural Language Processing) model.


JobBot is still in its early stages. There is room for improvement and each user contributes to the knowledge base and performance of the bot. It gets smarter and the accuracy of processing and responses improve. On top of that, by rating the performance of JobBot users can provide useful insights that will be taken into account when extending its functionality.


Currently, JobBot is present on the Ciklum facebook page only but it will soon be added to the Ciklum Jobs website as well. This will increase the conversion rate by meaningfully engaging more than 25,000 users per month.

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JobBot will also collect applicant information, which is important for the company to keep in touch with potentially valuable candidates, even if they don`t proceed with the application process. JobBot is beneficial both for the company and potential candidates. The company decreases the likelihood of losing valuable candidates, while the latter are more likely to be contacted if appropriate vacancies appear.

The delivery process for JobBot took 1.5 months. Applicants find the bot useful and it realizes the potential that AI has in recruitment and hiring processes. JobBot is planned to accompany applicants at other touchpoints as well by conducting initial interviews, for example, in the future.

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