April 8, 2019
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Ciklum Wins Gold for Best Web Design at 2019 Indigo Award

Ciklum Wins Gold for Best Web Design at 2019 Indigo Award

Ciklum’s Deep Learning page earned a gold ribbon for “Best Website Design” at the 2019 Indigo Design Award. Every year the Indigo Design Award showcases the most outstanding digital design projects around the globe. The honorary jury of 30+ designers from Google, GitHub, Indicius and other renowned companies stated that in 2019 they received hundreds of amazing design applications, which made the judging process more intense than ever. The list of all winners can be viewed here.

James Dalziel
AI technology is now poised to transform every industry, and we’re proud that Ciklum’s Deep Learning web page, which helps companies see real-life benefits from AI projects, was recognised for its leading web design work. By participating in AI competitions, establishing partnership with Nvidia, and showcasing Ciklum’s AI projects, we hope to inspire companies to accelerate their digital transformations with AI. I am very proud of the team’s achievement and it's a great honour to receive this award.
James Dalziel, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Ciklum

The Ciklum Deep Learning page was designed and built by Ciklum’s digital marketing team led by Olha Yatsyna, Head of Digital Marketing at Ciklum. Its goal is to demonstrate Ciklum’s R&D expertise to potential clients interested in building AI projects. 

Olha Yatsyna
Communicating about complex projects in an easy and enticing way is a challenge but rewarding. We couldn’t do it without the talented people in our team.
Olha Yatsyna, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Ciklum

Deep Learning Mobile

Oleksandr Postoiuk
As design and functionality continually evolve, Ciklum’s Deep Learning page uses the latest technologies
Oleksandr Postoiuk, Senior Web Designer at Ciklum

To design the page Oleksandr used CSS3, HTML5, jQuery as well as WebGL, Blender and Three.js for creation and rendering interactive 3D elements. Olha and Oleksandr both give credit for this award to joined forces – a trifecta of design, development and UX copy at Ciklum.

Awards such as this one show that the main ingredients of Ciklum’s Deep Learning page’s success are its minimalism and intuitiveness. This is why it has also been distinguished by AWWWARDS, CSS Design Awards and Design Nominees. Try it. Just drag each object on the page.

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