March 6, 2019
Ciklum News

Clutch’s 2019 Report Highlights Ciklum as a Leading Developer in New York City

Clutch’s 2019 Report Highlights Ciklum as a Leading Developer in New York City

Ciklum is the home of over 3,000 worldwide developers and delivers digital solutions to Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing organizations in the global market. Ciklum provides a full range of product & app development, IoT and big data solutions to empower your business and bring it to the forefront of technology.

We’ve been identified out of thousands of companies on Clutch as a top performing developer in NYC. Specifically, Clutch has named us among the top software developers in New York and mobile app development companies based on our ability to provide excellent service, our online brand presence, and overall strength in the marketplace. Clutch is a reviews platform and B2B service provider located in Washington DC.  We are overwhelmed by the positive reviews from our loyal customers and look forward to further establishing ourselves as a global leader in developing innovative development solutions.

Sara Philibotte
The New York B2B market is saturated with the most highly skilled and sought-after teams in the country. At Clutch, we use data-driven analysis and in-depth research to distinguish leading providers in their fields. Clients deserve a transparent and unbiased overview as they make hiring decisions for their business
Sara Philibotte, Clutch Analyst

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We are also proud to share our inclusion on Clutch’s affiliate sites: The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest is a valuable resource for firms maneuvering their way through the buyer’s journey: a process that starts with a business problem and ends with a purchasable solution to that initial problem. We are very excited to be named in the top Android app developers in New York, helping us to showcase our niche technical expertise and knowledge. In addition, Visual Objects features creative, design, and software development companies and their portfolio work. Our presence here represents yet another milestone for our team here at Ciklum and we are very grateful to be listed on multiple directories, allowing us to connect with businesses from various industries and locales.  

Overall, we are very proud of the work we’ve accomplished over the past few years.  Approaching two decades in operation, we are honored to be named by Clutch as a Leading Developer in New York for 2019.  We will keep our sights set on the future and the developments that our team has yet to make. If your firm is ready to reap the most up-to-date software development, then look no further than our team of developers here at Ciklum.