March 6, 2018
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Forrester Recognized Ciklum As A Midsize Custom Software Development Provider Worldwide

Forrester Recognized Ciklum As A Midsize Custom Software Development Provider Worldwide

Forrester has published the 2018 Overview “Now Tech: Service Providers For Custom Software Development” and named Ciklum among 16 best midsize players globally. The main goal of the Overview is to help app development & delivery leaders make well-considered decisions on the market of custom software development vendors.

While seeking help with designing, developing, testing and deploying custom software, companies mark the following vendor capabilities:

  • achieving faster time to market
  • increasing business agility
  • providing specific help in creating innovative solutions

The Forrester’s Overview examines the custom software development service provider market and compares vendors based on cross-domain expertise, automation capabilities, labor cost displacement, project management, DevOps expertise, industry expertise and partner ecosystem.

Ciklum is one of sixteen vendors to be placed in the Midsize category. Forrester defines midsize players as those having from 1,001 to 20,000 practitioners.

The Overview may be accessed as a part of your client subscription at 

What makes Ciklum different?

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How Ciklum Builds Custom Software Solutions

One of Ciklum’s clients, Kantar Retail VR , received an on-line research Virtual Reality solution, which offers a faster, more efficient and cost effective solution to understand shopper behavior, compared to more traditional physical in-store testing. KR’s virtual merchandising software has replaced physical merchandising centres as the planning, visualisation and range review solution for the world’s biggest retailers.


Cédric Guyot
Our time to market is impressive for an enterprise solution. It’s a competitive advantage in the market that we can make major product changes every two months
Cédric Guyot, CEO at Kantar Retail Virtual Reality

Watch the video case study:

Be it a website, mobile application, SaaS solution or embedded software – Ciklum is here to discuss the options of building the custom software for reaching your business goals. Drop a few lines about your project and we’ll get back to you in 24 h.

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