March 31, 2016

Four FinTech Apps You Should Be Using

Four FinTech Apps You Should Be Using

The financial technology industry is booming, and has been flooded with smartphone apps to help users save money, plan for their retirement, or track the stock market. Many will go to the app store and simply search for an app from their bank or their favorite financial planning website, but considering all the available apps out there, these users are missing out. With this in mind, let’s take a look at four apps that would be useful for any financially attentive smartphone user.


Goal-Based Savings: Unsplurge

When the winter gets too cold or rainy days in April come too often, it’s easy to start dreaming of a vacation. But as you start planning for your getaway, the struggle to save enough can be very real. Unsplurge tries to keep its users on track! When users first open the app, they’re asked what they’re saving up for, how much they’ll need to save, and to upload a photo to represent their objective. By using both well-designed graphics and community groups called “Town,” users will see their progress and be offered support toward reaching their goal.

Itunes Customer Rating:

149 Ratings


Tracking Spending: Spendee

If a user doesn’t have a particular goal in mind and would simply like to be more mindful of how they’re spending their money, they can download Spendee. This free app doesn’t require users to enter any bank account information but instead asks them to log purchases and bill payments made. At the end of a week, a month, or whenever they’d like to see their progress, users can use Spendee to create a chart, which will outline where their money is going. For example, if a user can’t figure out why they never have money for entertainment, their chart might let them know that it’s because they’re buying lunch at work every day. This will help users adjust their spending patterns only to invest in what really matters.

Itunes Customer Rating:

615 Ratings

Google Play Customer Rating:

17 888 Ratings


Tracking Investing: MorningStar

If you’re financially savvy or follow the financial industry, the name MorningStar is well known. But did you know they have an app? The MorningStar app allows users to tailor their financial news to their specific investments, providing insights, analytics, and research on user’s stocks, options, bonds, and more. With a well laid out design coming from one of the leading names in financial research, the MorningStar app will keep users on top of their investments and track the best times to make financial moves.

Itunes Customer Rating:

2347 Ratings

Google Play Customer Rating:

646 Ratings


Retirement Planning: RetireLogix

The aforementioned apps can help lead to nearly everyone’s ultimate goal: Retirement! When it comes time to start thinking about life after work, there’s RetireLogix. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows, this app features charts that lay out users income needs, calculators to determine contribution rates, educational materials to learn best practices, and the ability for users to connect with their financial advisor. From where users are to where they want to be, RetireLogix covers the full spectrum of retirement planning.

Itunes Customer Rating:

39 Ratings

Google Play Customer Rating:

19 Ratings

These are just a few examples of apps that can make a difference for smartphone users when it comes to money management and their financial health. As the fintech industry continues to boom and reaches new industry sectors, room for growth is exceptionally good. If you have an idea for a fintech app that you feel would make a dent in this industry, don’t let it go to waste and contact Ciklum, who can assist in turning your idea into a source of income.

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