February 24, 2016

Four Ways to Get Your App Noticed

Four Ways to Get Your App Noticed

Almost everyone has kicked around their “great idea” for an app. Ideas about help with work, a game or something that is completely cutting edge are fantastic, but an idea will always stay an idea until it’s developed. When there is follow through, and an app is released into the Android Market or App Store, many hope their app will take off and become popular enough to earn them a few dollars. In order for that to happen, people need to know about the app in the first place. Unless a few steps are taken to increase visibility, the best app in the world will go unnoticed. Fortunately, four simple marketing techniques can be used to go from unnoticed to unavoidable!


1. Find Relevant Blogs and Make a Pitch

Blog authors and websites are always looking for topics, and many accept pitches. App developers should take a few minutes and read up on blogs that cover the topic their app does. If an app that provides cool recipes, that developer should partner with a foodie blogger. If the app helps parents with their newborn, some blogs specifically for new parents will be interested in reviewing the app. Once a few bloggers start covering the app, it will gain traction and get both downloads and requests to review it from other bloggers.


2. In-App Advertising

How many mobile apps have you used that have ads for other mobile apps in them? If you’re playing a game, often other games will be advertised between rounds or turns. This is in-app advertising, and it can be very effective. Using a short video or a screenshot and a call to action button allowing users to download an app right away will help downloads along and spread the word about the app.


3. Track the Analytics

Analytics will tell app owners which marketing techniques are the most effective for their app. Using the above example, if a lot of money is being spent on in-app advertising and the conversion rate is excellent, it would be a good idea for developers to push more of their marketing funds towards this method. This analytics will help drive downloads by ensuring more eyes are on the app.


4. Find a Trusted Partner

If an app idea is hatched, but the developer doesn’t have the know-how to program the app themselves, partnering with an established technology consulting firm is a great idea. Many of these firms are able to not only develop apps but gain downloads with the above techniques as well. Developers should ensure that they find an experienced partner that knows the market well, and has a strong history of success or an excellent game plan.

The worst thing for app developers is to come up with a great idea and release an app into the world, only to have no one use it. If an app is helpful, fun or intuitive, it should be used by as many people as possible. With that said, these four methods will ensure that an app is downloaded far more often.

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