January 29, 2018
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Ukraine: A Country Of Innovations, IT talents, and Opportunities. Key Messages From Ukraine House Davos

Ukraine: A Country Of Innovations, IT talents, and Opportunities. Key Messages From Ukraine House Davos

During the last week, Ukraine gained attention from the global leaders at the World Economic Forum, with a first-ever Ukrainian side venue – Ukraine House Davos. Under the slogan: “Ukraine: Creativity. Innovation. Opportunity”, a multi-format space hosted over 15 discussion panels. Ukraine House turned into a vibrant discussion hub showcasing Ukraine’s investment opportunities and the country’s technology potential. By holding a 5-day conferencing venue, Ukraine has demonstrated its ability to contribute to multiple discussions on the hottest globally relevant topics, as well as the ability to engage high-profile speakers in these conversations.

Ciklum and IT Ukraine Association, which jointly represented Ukraine’s Technology Services sector and had a panel discussion with a participation of Soros Fund Management representative, have chosen to talk about Data Science. During the Panel “Data Science: Ensuring Human over Data” Borys Pratsiuk, Ciklum Head of R&D Engineering discussed with the panellists the increasing role of tech hubs and the enormous potential of data science in the future.

borys pratsiuk

Borys Pratsiuk, Ciklum Head of R&D Engineering

“During the previous 10 years, Ukraine established a huge ecosystem of the private educational institutions and IT associations. With more English-speaking specialists and emergence of new tech communities, the Ukrainian IT ecosystem is rapidly transforming into a more professional and mature industry”

The speakers agreed that strong educational background powered by a fast developing IT sector makes Ukraine an attractive player on the global IT market with a focus on Data Science as well as R&D, AI and other digital areas.

The halls of Ukraine House buzzed with the word “blockchain” during the panel discussion: “The Emerging Blockchain Network: How Will It Shape And Secure The Future Finance Architecture?”. Blockchains, as well as cryptocurrencies, offer people an extraordinary, transformative potential. During debates, speakers addressed blockchain trends and the interrelation between the global cryptocurrency community and states.

In terms of the special event for investors «Opportunity Ukraine», the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko emphasised on the reforms aimed to change the investment landscape of Ukraine. Mr President also expressed confidence that in the nearest future Ukraine will be among the first 50 countries in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking.

The tweet is taken from the official account of the President of Ukraine

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko with his brother, Volodymyr Klitschko caused a full house during the Fireside Chat meeting under the theme “Creativity, Innovation, Opportunity: The Making of World Champions”.

Encouraging private-sector investments, Vitaliy Klitschko said:

“I am not an IT specialist, but I can promise you I will be a personal bodyguard of each and every foreign investor in Ukraine, especially if we are talking about investments in innovation and education to change life for better in my city and in my country.”

The tweet is taken from the official Twitter account of Volodymyr Klitschko

Important Insights on the Ukrainian IT Sector:

  • Ukraine has already been recognised as a leading provider of IT outsourcing globally. In 2017,  13 Ukrainian outsourcing companies made it into the world’s top 100 best outsourcing service providersMoreover, Ukrainian developers have demonstrated their ability to create products and provide high-end services and solutions for the global market.
  • Ukraine has a huge IT talent pool. With more than 400 higher education institutions and around 15,000 qualified IT specialists that join the workforce every year, it is transforming into a powerful technology hub.
  • The demand for Data Science expertise is growing and Ukraine has a strong positioning to develop into a Data Science (AI, ML, AR/VR) lab. Historically strong math and science education allow Ukrainian IT specialists to solve the most sophisticated problems in the fields of mathematics and engineering.
  • Ukraine has a strong IT ecosystem, with lots of expert communities, IT clusters, hubs, innovation parks and accelerators.
  • Technology services companies are not only the key element of the IT ecosystem but also are leading initiatives to promote the brand of Ukraine.

Marina Vyshegorodskikh

Marina Vyshegorodskikh, senior advisor to the board of directors of Ciklum:

“Ukraine House has demonstrated the IT industry’s maturity to unite with the aim of strengthening the brand of Ukraine. This has allowed us to tell the world a much stronger, fuller, more attractive story. I am very happy  to see  that different elements of Ukrainian IT ecosystem are focused not only on generating revenue,  bringing up talents, achieving individual business goals,  but they are also thinking on the future development of Ukraine and taking a joint effort to impact it in a positive way.”

The high-powered gatherings in Ukraine House delivered the consistent message on behalf of a tech sector:

“With the strong educational background, proven success of technology services companies,  emerging of Innovation Parks,  start-up accelerators,  as well as data science, blockchain, cryptocurrency communities and expertise hubs, solid agritech services potential and civictech movement, Ukrainian IT sector is on the right track to becoming a true technology hub”.