July 31, 2019
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Moebelscout Webshop’s Capacity Increased 12x after Ciklum Modernized the Development Pipeline

In 2019, moebelscout GmbH partnered with Ciklum to modernise their deployment pipeline. We talked with moebelscout GmbH co-founders, Hendrik Hünecke and Remo Girard, and asked them to share the story behind their startup, tell about the software and plans for the future. 

Can you tell about the moebelscout GmbH story and challenges? 

Hendrik Hünecke: Remo and I had the idea of a gap-closing all-embracing swiss furniture portal already in 2018 and we started to work on that as an ambitious side project. Then, beginning of 2019 things became more and more serious and we decided to found a GmbH in April this year. We have so far more than 50 active partnerships with Swiss furniture shops. This gives our users the opportunity to quickly find and compare all the furniture and homeware articles in one platform. This saves the user a lot of time and in the best case money as well. 

Our biggest challenge at the moment is to integrate the products with a minimum amount of needed information. Filtering for attributes like size, color etc. is a key feature and we need to make sure that the data we receive from our partner shops have all that included. We work very closely with them to enable a standard in data quality. 

What kind of developers can participate in your project?

Remo Girard: At the moment we are looking for backend developers with deep knowledge in Java, Python, PHP, Json and XML for building our backbone. In addition, we are looking for a frontend developer who knows how to build awesome websites based on React, node.js, and GraphQL.

What stage is the moebelscout GmbH software currently in?

Remo Girard: We just released our prototype 2.0 and started implementing the new backend.

Will you disrupt the furniture market?

Hendrik Hünecke: It is not our business model or plan to disrupt, at least in a threatening way. Moebelscout is more like a new partner for all existing platforms. With our platform we offer new channels and possibilities for existing furniture & homeware shops, gardening platforms etc. We close the gap to have one single platform in Switzerland when it comes to compare and look for all the different furniture products. 


What about the future of moebelscout GmbH? How will the company look in a couple of years?

Hendrik Hünecke: At the moment we are fully focussing on improving the platform, offering valuable content, so a lot of operational business. We have quite a clear vision of where we want to see in a couple of years but at the moment we don’t want to spoil too much about our plans. But what we can surely say is that great things are coming! 

What happened that compelled you to start looking for digital assistance?

Remo Girard: Well, we are just two founders with deep knowledge strategy, UX/design and web project management. Our coding skills are limited. In the beginning, we did all by ourselves. But the whole project quickly became very complex. That was the reason why we started looking for a competent and flexible partner like Ciklum.

What was new or helpful for moebelscout GmbH that Ciklum brought into the development process?

Remo Girard: We started with a simple WordPress application hosted on a server, which we accessed via basic FTP. Thanks to Ciklum we have now a modern deployment pipeline. 

What can moebelscout GmbH do now that you couldn’t do before?

Remo Girard: Since the project was primarily a slimming cure of the template, the functionality of the application didn’t change that much. But we had a huge impact on our development process. Now we are able to implement new functionalities much faster than before.


What are the achievements by Ciklum that moebelscout GmbH value the most?

Remo Girard: At the moment we have more than 120’000 products online. This is 12 times more than we had before. In case of a simultaneous reduction of the loading time of 50%. And that still with a WordPress/WooCommerce application.

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