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6 Dec 2012

Outsourcing Nightmares: How To Avoid Them?

CIO.Com has just published its list of outsourcing nightmares and I think some of the points mentioned are exactly where Ciklum Own Development Center model is a way to go! Below is my response to how outsourcing nightmares can be turned i...

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26 Nov 2012

Mythical Role of Product Owner in Agile Methods

When any Agile methodology is used, the role of a Product Owner is undoubtedly the critical one. At the same time, expectations from and definition of this role are blurred even more than those of a Scrum Master and a Scrum team.   Speaking metaphorically, a...

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21 Nov 2012

Evolution of Agile: What’s Next?

I’ve recently bumped into an interesting Agile related discussion in one of my LinkedIn Groups and thought it was worthwhile to summarize some of its most thought-provoking ideas and conclusions.  So, one of the Agile group members simply asked the following questions: “Is Agile another...

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19 Nov 2012

Ciklum Brings ICAgile Certified Training to Europe

No secret that Ciklum's success on the Eastern European market for software development has been driven by a bunch of Agile evangelists who timely realized that Agile approaches should become the core value of Ciklum Nearshore Own Development Center model.   ...

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