July 30, 2021
Digital Transformation

Standing out in the crowded retail space: 3 tips for building competitive advantage

Kyle Monk
There’s certainly been a rise in personalised online beauty, skincare and health offerings. For example, one company, who I won’t name, will ask you to take a picture of your face from several angles, their dermatologists will then compose a custom formulation just for your skin for a flat fee of £X per month, which is in line with what you would pay if you were to do it yourself. It is these innovators offering a niche product in a niche segment, and who are probably still quite a small part of it, who I think have exploded over the last period.
Kyle Monk, Director of insight at the BRC
Karl Mansour
In general, there are lots of brands and organisations that are doing well against the backdrop of some really difficult decisions in the much coined phrase of ‘unprecedented times’. We’ve seen some of our clients using this period as a window of opportunity to double down on their investment in preparation for a spike in demand when the world gets back to some sort of normality.
Karl Mansour, VP of digital transformation, Ciklum