It seems a new digital agency is popping up every day, so for new and established businesses alike, competition for clients is getting intense. Each new company believes that they have a different take on tech offerings or a way to ensure that their clients will be happier with their new service over their current service. However, there are a few things that can truly set each of these digital agencies apart from the competition.


1. Don’t turn your agency into tech company

Developing the software solutions or applications for the customer takes certain time to develop and require large initial investments. Software development is not in the DNA of digital agencies, which are rather tailored to the idea generation and client-driven work model.  Otherwise, demo presentation of self-developed tool may turn into something like this:



Digital agencies make the mistake of thinking technology is the solution when in reality it’s just the vehicle that makes reaching the objective easier and faster. Instead of building technologies, focus on utilizing and customizing the existing ones.  Or turn to your tech partner about developing something outstanding from scratch. That will help avoid unnecessary investments, which won’t be eventually appreciated by your clients.


2. Avail of your position and use the best

In the past, partnering with a tech company didn’t make any sense, as the tech industry did not move too fast, so digital agencies had enough time to keep up with innovation dynamics. However, in the latest years, it becomes harder than ever to predict the next big thing. If a digital agency goes it alone, they will have a long, hard road ahead of them.


With the market being as saturated as it is, it’s actually better for digital agencies to work with multiple tech companies, which will be able to offer the best solution for their customers. Instead of developing everything in-house, avail of your unique position and use the best tech companies in your market. Partnering with a tech company will allow you to focus on finding new clients and handling your global accounts while your tech partner will take care of the development tasks. Besides, you will avoid long-lasting hiring process of tech specialists for each new project.


3. Don’t ask clients to “buy the cow”

Traditional thinking would have you believe that half-measures are no way of handling a business partnership. When agencies get a new client, it’s very easy to try and obtain all of their business right away, take over multiple complex projects and fail all those at a time. There is, on the other hand, a difference between a half-measure and a an opportunity to show what an agency can do.



Instead of asking a customer to buy an entire cow, a farmer will likely want to sell them some milk first to ensure they like the product. This is also true of digital agencies. Instead of asking a client to partner with you on every tech and digital initiative they have in the queue, it’s best to get a foot in the door to show the client what can be done with a full partnership. Once they’re happy and excited about future projects, then they can be pitched on further and bigger projects. Besides, this iterative cycle of work will let you test your technology partner’s capabilities without risking to lose your global account.

Ciklum will be able to help with all of the above, no matter if your digital agency is long established, or just starting up. We focus on helping agencies create a more flexible workforce and can have technical oversight and collaboration on key digital projects. We also are deeply rooted in the IT, Mobile, Gaming, and High-Tech industries, just to name a few, so we know the trends and standards for these industries. Ciklum is confident we can help your agency find more clients and optimize your workforce. Contact us to find out what we’d be able to do for your digital agency specifically.