April 13, 2017
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To Manage Or Not To Manage? Extended Team vs. Managed Team

To Manage Or Not To Manage? Extended Team vs. Managed Team

Project management is an ever-evolving combination of methods, applied processes, skills, and knowledge, with companies trying more innovative methods of managing better, cheaper, and more efficiently. Project management has been around since ancient times. And the 1950s marked the beginning of the modern project management age. So, why is it so important? Where are its origins in our society?



When it comes managing your firm’s software engineering needs, choosing the right fit for your project management style can mean the difference between the peak elevation of efficiency and the stormy valleys of failure.

What’s needed is a proactive, global technology partner offering customized engagement models to suit any need, whether you’re more comfortable managing a project internally or desire a “one-stop-shopping” experience.


Ciklum deploys two dynamic models to maximize our clients’ team management strategy – Extended Team and Managed Team. Both models provide a top-level development team culled from the very best software engineers residing in cost-effective locations such as Poland, Ukraine, Pakistan, Spain, and Belarus.


Extended Team

Perhaps your firm is well-equipped to handle the tech management aspects of your team’s mission but lacks the necessary resources to cross the finish line. Why not assemble a dream team of software engineers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists while still managing projects utilizing your own qualified CTO and IT development team? Using Extended Team solves the problem of having to hire cost-effective IT talent within your region.

By leveraging Ciklum’s recruiting strengths, your team can focus on your core values and missions without being sidetracked by logistical minutiae. As IT deliverables continue to intensify while budgets tend to be trimmed, Extended Team just makes sense to optimize nimble scaling and simplify the hiring process. Building a championship team is as easy as selecting project team members based on an optimal quoting process. Your team could be onshore, nearshore, or offshore. Best of all, your management group retains complete team control while leveraging scalability and reduced administration.


Watch the case study to find out how Ciklum’s Extended Team model allowed EFG International, a global private banking group, to change its approach and build a nearshore software team in Ukraine for long-term operations.


Managed Team

A deeper level of support, the Managed Team concept brings the full force of Ciklum’s rock star management expertise. When a client needs to launch quickly, Managed Team project managers stand ready to immediately expedite time-consuming tasks such as project and product management, managing the software team, and performance optimization. Ciklum’s project managers handle everything, reporting directly to the client. The team listens carefully, interacts closely with team members individually, and devises and executes an agile, workable plan of action immediately.

For example, if a company requires new product development, but at the same needs core product support, Managed Team maximizes project flow, saving managers time and money with peak efficiency and accountability.


Watch the case study to discover how Ciklum`s Managed Team engagement model brought Betsson Group 30% faster time to market.

Whether your management needs are limited or comprehensive, Ciklum’s multi-tier menu of options can reduce costs by up to 60 percent, give you enhanced control over process and cost, and help you fly to market up to two times faster. With Ciklum, you’re in control. Do not hesitate to contact us right now!