September 20, 2016
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Top Smart City IoT Applications

Top Smart City IoT Applications

While we were arguing with strangers in comment sections and looking at memes, the internet has been evolving. It has been subtlety encroaching into other parts of our daily lives and expanding the amount of data that can be collected by individual users. As nearly everyone now owns multiple smart devices, we’ve been able to also make our lives, towns, and cities “smart” thanks to the emerging internet of things (IoT). With that said, let’s take a look at how current IoT applications are changing the current state and the future of our cities!


Smart App City

We already connect to our friends and search for local businesses via our smartphones, but what if you could connect with new people and have businesses compete for your business via your devices? Smart App City is an app for both iOS and Android which aims to be a one-stop-shop for all of your city needs, whether you’re a local, visitor, business, or even part of the city council.


By getting bus routes, events, traffic updates and even bike sharing information all in one place, SmartAppCity app intends to blend our current experience with the emerging IoT world around us. If you like coffee and happen to be in the proximity of a great coffee shop, the shop can push notifications to the app and pass along promotions or coupons thanks to GPS! Picture by



The city of Manchester is jumping on the IoT application bandwagon by starting up CityVerve, which received £10 million in government funding for bus stops. Bus travel isn’t exactly what you think of when it comes to cutting-edge technology, but that is precisely why it needs an update! The idea behind the project is that bus stops will become smart, with “location-based services, sensors/beacons, mobile apps, and intelligent digital signage.” Riders will be able to use their smartphone to check in at a stop, which will allow drivers to take optimal routes and pick up passengers faster than when on a set schedule.



With the explosion of FitBit, mobile pedometers, and smart clothes that help track your workouts, we are collectively becoming more active and health conscious. However, when we work out, how many of us take the air quality into account? The very air we breathe affects our health greatly, and AirForU intends to make sure we’re taking deep, healthy breaths. By placing air sensors around cities, homes, and even things like bikes, almost anything can become a smart device, determining air quality and helping AirForU deliver readouts to its users. This will allow them to map out where to jog, take kids to play, or just walk to work.


Developed as part of a research study with the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability, AirForU app provids air quality information and raise awareness. Picture by


With applications like this emerging and more data being collected, both cities and their residents are becoming smarter. In the coming years, expect to interact with your city and your surrounding environment like never before!

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