We are in the midst of a major transformation. The traditional programming model gives a computer specific instructions to follow. Machine learning, which gets computers to act without explicit programming, is quickly gaining ground and forever changing how we interact with technology and the world. We are seeing a shift from a command-and-control, inside-out approach to a parental guidance, outside-in approach.


Machine learning grows making our lives easier


Machine learning has existed for decades, but only recently it has become more powerful.

The growing prevalence of machine learning can be traced to breakthroughs in Deep Learning and the rise in neural networks, so named for their similarity to the structure of the human brain – and similarly mysterious.

Neural networks, which are computational models of interconnected processing elements, process data during training and look for patterns. But when a neural network learns how to do something well or accomplishes its tasks, no one can precisely explain why or how.

Machine learning has already crept into our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. It is used for speech recognition, facial recognition, search engines and more. Machine learning is accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) development. AI devices like smartphones, online chatbots and wearable devices are making our lives easier.

Machine learning

AI and Machine Learning in Business


Companies are using AI and machine learning tools in their digital transformation efforts.

According to the International Data Corporation, 40% of all digital transformation initiatives will be supported by AI.

Firms are starting to integrate the power of big data analytics with machine learning and complex algorithms. Companies haven’t even scratched the surface of machine learning’s potential, however.


Pros and Cons


This new dynamic relationship between the human and the computer has its pros and cons, of course:

  • It can be more complex and risky, but it can improve the accuracy of predictions and make computers work better for us.
  • It can automate less desirable administrative and project management tasks, make our daily lives more productive and efficient, and free up humans’ time to focus on strategy.


What is the main concern?


Some experts express concern that humans will ultimately lose control of the devices. But dog trainers are effective without knowing everything about a dog’s thought processes, and they produce certain behaviors even though we cannot yet explain the science behind dog behavior. The progression of machine learning is much like how Pavlov repeatedly rang a bell and made his dog salivate. Pavlov focused on repetition, and his results were not hampered by a lack of understanding about hunger.

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