Automation has proven itself to be one of the greatest and most consequential job killers of the last few decades. In a wide variety of industries, automation has replaced human labor, as robots and AI programs can process information, learn, and replicate increasingly complicated tasks. We’ve witnessed it happen in manufacturing, hospitality, and administration — to name just a few sectors.


Worry, or not to worry?


There are vanishingly few industries where employees can trust that their job will still exist and need to be performed by a human a few years from now. Nobody seems willing to accept the possibility that the rise of robots could make them obsolete. This is true, also, in the IT industry, where professionals feel confident enough in their job security that they do not fear that automation could put them out of a job. They might be a little more wary.

A survey, conducted by Spiceworks targeted 196 IT workers at the administrative level of medium to large enterprises, shows that automation in its turn can make IT departments significantly stronger:


Why Don't The IT Pros Fear The Rise Of Robots?


In fact, the vast majority of respondents welcomed automation and the rollout of AI software that can perform more menial tasks, so that humans would be free to focus on strategy and innovating new long-term solutions:


AI software


What will automation bring to IT pros?


Part of the IT workers’ reluctance to see automation as a threat might have something to do with their relative coziness to AI, as compared to other industries. Fox Business reported earlier this year that, while automation is expected to eradicate swaths of jobs, it may actually create new opportunities for software developers, robot manufacturers, and engineers. So in the near term, IT professionals may find themselves to be short-term beneficiaries of the explosion of automation in the workplace.



IT professionals know better than anyone that AIs and robotic process automation (RPA) are becoming exponentially more advanced, and that machine learning allows them to perform more intricate tasks. Software developers should perhaps not be so complacent. Having upended the traditional work models of so many industries themselves, the tech sector just might one day wake up to find that the next sector they disrupt could be themselves.

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