August 16, 2018
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Youngest Ciklum Researcher Wins Bronze at International Mathematics Competition

Youngest Ciklum Researcher Wins Bronze at International Mathematics Competition

When Vladyslav Shram, the youngest member of the R&D department at Ciklum, found his name among the bronze winners on the scoreboard of the 25th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) he was truly amazed. Winning bronze at the annual IMC contest means being one of the best in mathematics globally.

Vladyslav says that advanced analytical skills are crucial if you want to do really innovative things in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. In his work at Ciklum, he is engaged in several projects and finds the following two the most interesting:

  1. Building an NLP model that identifies a company’s industry on the basis of an unstructured description
  2. Development of an AI-based recommender system that recognizes customers preferences and suggests relevant content


Vladyslav Shram
Participating in different projects at Ciklum and applying a wide range of tools allowed me to crystalize my #1 priority. Deep Learning is a buzzword these days but there are actually so many things to explore in the theory. I’d like to focus on deep learning projects as I feel there’s a huge transformative potential with this technology
Vladyslav Shram, Researcher at Ciklum

Ciklum’s Research and Development department has 50 experts including 5 PhDs. Borys Pratsiuk, head of Ciklum R&D, likes to refer to his team members as the “jewels in the crown”. Everyone in the team has bright personalities with unique experiences and skill sets. Vladyslav belongs to the latest wave of young researchers who were recently onboarded by Ciklum R&D.

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Borys Pratsiuk
It’s super important to keep knowledge fresh and up-to-date all over our R&D department because you know what? What works today might fall out of the modern technology stack very soon. The young bright minds in our team are always inquisitive and asking challenging questions that motivate senior specialists to come up with creative answers and solutions. When we mix young Data Scientists and Senior Researchers in our projects, we get a super combo but don’t take my word for it, watch our latest video case:
Borys Pratsiuk, Head of R&D Engineering at Ciklum



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