Agriculture Positioning System - Ciklum

Agriculture Positioning System


The client is a global company, headquartered in California, USA, providing the positioning technology for surveyors, civil engineers, construction contractors, equipment owners and operators. The client needed to develop the Proof of Concept (PoC) for the Agriculture Remote Positioning System allowing end-users (farmers) receiving sensor-based feedback from the field machines and control various types of vehicles remotely.



Ciklum’s R&D Engineering team had to create a product for the end-user (Farmer) to easily program tasks for different hardware platforms, namely the field machines. The team implemented this by “drag & drop” concept – connecting functional blocks in a web-based IDE environment. The farmer would have access to the data from all hardware modules via a web interface or mobile application.



  • App interface made as child’s play: connected and configured functional blocks, working in an autonomous mode in case there is no Internet. Simply connect as a chain and let it work.
  • Visual Programming Language developed based on the JSON standard to integrate into three environments: engine control unit (ECU), mobile, and the web.
  • PoC proved the idea as feasible without the need for an army of programmers and full-cycle manufacturing. The farmer could program machines in the field to work together regardless of the machine size, type, or manufacturer without professional developers.