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Headquartered in Costa Rica, Ganchrow Scientific began as a group of developers creating solutions for a leading online sports betting company. After several years of developing proprietary software solely, Ganchrow Scientific decided to make their innovations available to others and expand the scope of their applications.

The client was unsatisfied with the software they used for a long time. It had an outdated visual look, crowded interface and was inconvenient to use.

As company`s managers worked with several third-party solutions and used up to four monitors, the ultimate goal of Ganchrow was to consolidate and integrate several software platforms into one cohesive tool. .



Ciklum UI/UX team stepped in, undertaking the responsibility and challenges of project development. This approach protected the client from the project bottlenecks that could result in over budgeting and failed deadlines.

Ciklum`s team implemented the following system enhancements:

  • The merging of all the functionality that was used across different platforms into one multi-screen system
  • Implementation of a fundamental reconceptualization and redesign..



Ciklum’s UI/UX team delivered a tool that improved the overall run of the company`s business:

  • The featured dashboard helps the users get an overview of what’s going on in the system each time they start their shift.
  • System`s new interface is consistent, logical and visually clean so that its users could work faster, more effectively and seamlessly.
  • The highly customizable functionality lets the line managers set up their working space to highlight and drill down to the most critical information to their specific role.
  • The overall logic of functionality and an elaborate system of notifications gave the workers more control of the system.

The client’s further intention was to sell this new product to other interested parties to improve the working process in other companies too.

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