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Contiki Holidays


Contiki Holidays is a travel corporation that was formed in 1962 in New Zealand. It offers different kinds of tours for 18 to 35-year-olds, including a mixture of adventure, sightseeing, socializing, culture, and free time.

The client has an idea to create an innovative VR application for the Android platform to present potential customers an opportunity to virtually experience the destinations they would like to visit.


Ciklum was the best choice for the project partnering as it offered proper application software development expertise and immediate resources availability.

The Ciklum Social & Gaming Unit shouldered a responsibility to successfully deliver the project within a budget and according to the concepts and requirements defined by the client.

Short Scrum iterations used by Ciklum`s development team across all development life cycle allowed Contiki Holidays to take an active part in the development process and provide immediate feedback, adjusting application features to the ongoing requirements.



The Ciklum Social and Gaming Unit has successfully built a functionally innovative VR application for the Android platform with a simple and clean navigation system and outstanding, high-quality, 360-degree video content.

It has planned to present the product at trade shows and other travel and leisure events to attract more customers and significantly promote sales.

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