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LogBuy – Log in and Buy – is the only employee benefits scheme that covers all of Europe. Employees have access to great offers and discounts from more than 10,000 brands across Europe. LogBuy has been working on the .NET platform over ten years, including a front-end with over 800,000 users, a back office facing over 400 clients, and a back-end enabling LogBuy to manage content, transactions and other operations. The company started with its own internal development team and later understood the need to broaden the skill competencies to cover the upcoming development plans.


To meet the customer’s needs, Ciklum has offered LogBuy two engagement models to choose from: Extended Team and Managed Team. LogBuy chose the Managed Team model because it allowed focusing on product delivery while Ciklum was managing and improving both the team and individual performance. Still, the client had the flexibility to expand and create the own dedicated team. This model helped LogBuy to maintain control of the software development while Ciklum took care of the operational environment.

Technology: ASP .NET WebForms, ASP .NET WebAPI, WCF, Entity Framework, Lucene.NET, MS SQL, Angular.JS


  • During the first year of collaboration, Ciklum delivered two major features for the LogBuy platform, including a new ‘HR Hub’ module for customers and an overall portal redesign.
  • Ciklum implemented contemporary development practices such as Continuous Integration and Build Automation, increasing delivery process efficiency.
  • LogBuy has a cost-efficient Managed Team, responsible for both maintenance and new functionality.

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