SBTech - Ciklum



SBTech is a market leader among the gaming B2B providers. After signing off a couple of decent deals, the company needed fast ramp up of the development teams and that has led to the immediate investigation of various onshore and offshore opportunities. Many options were considered while searching a technical partner for SBTech.



The company chose Ciklum for its unique Extended Team engagement model. It allowed SBTech to build the own team in Kyiv and drive all processes from its global locations. The cooperation has started from establishing one small team of developers. The main challenge was setting the right processes and communication between cross-located teams. Ciklum’s expertise helped overcome the challenges and grow several successful teams within the project.



  • Faster product release time.
  • Growth of a team up to 2 times in one year.
  • 200% revenue growth.
  • Rapid scale up of the team and faster product delivery.