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The Cork-based Xanadu Consultancy provided software development, operational support, and consultancy services, predominantly to companies in the online gaming sector. Amongst others, the company supports Matchbook.com, one of the world’s leading betting exchanges, processing 20 million real-time transactions a day and handled $2.5 billion in betting volume in 2012.

Xanadu Consultancy decided to increase product quality and reduce time-to-market for software products. To reach these goals, they needed more accurate project estimation.


First, Ciklum’s Process Consultants conducted a deep on-site analysis of Xanadu’s current business processes and tools. That was done to identify a new project estimation approach for Xanadu’s Scrum teams. Then, Ciklum’s team conducted Agile coaching sessions for a pilot Scrum team including Story Point estimation training, Scrum LEGO modeling, and a project estimation workshop.


  • A new estimation approach was introduced
  • Team`s productivity was increased with improved application of Agile techniques on a daily basis
  • A toolkit to reflect estimation accuracy was configured and it makes the team progress visible throughout the company
  • Injection and improvements of Agile practices allow Xanadu be predictable in delivery and bring the value to users quicker
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