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LATEST GARTNER REPORT: Avoiding the 10 Most Common Mistakes in Financial Services Automation

Product Engineering
Define your product strategy and develop your capabilities to deliver at scale.
Data & Analytics
Deliver business value and actionable insights from your data.
Intelligent Automation
Transform and reimagine your business processes.
Technology Radar
Trends and techniques to help you make better product development decisions.
Custom engineering and global R&D solutions
Collaborative path to your product build.
Redefining industries
We work with our clients to solve their most complex business challenges, engineering technology that redefines industries and shapes the way people live.
Environmental, Social and Governance
At Ciklum, social responsibility always comes first. That is why we have strengthened our commitment to creating, nurturing and sustaining a world from which every customer, employee, citizen and nation we operate in can benefit.
We develop technology that drives your IP and provides true market differentiation.
We can support a custom omnichannel approach for personalised experiences.
We can help you build scalable, compliant platforms for responsible gaming.
Actionable insights on topics across all the industries we serve.
Case studies
Find out how Ciklum has helped its clients solve some of their toughest challenges.

Custom engineering and global R&D solutions

We help ambitious start-ups and global multi-nationals to scale their R&D and build custom digital products.

developers, consultants, data engineers, architects and scientists
start-up clients
development centres
We help you think big, and scale smart
Our multidisciplinary product engineering squads will work collaboratively with you to solve complex problems and deliver successful outcomes.

Global R&D Teams

With over 4,000 engineers operating in Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Czech Republic and Ukraine, we can help scale your R&D teams at speed.

Custom Development

Using continuous discovery and delivery methodology, Ciklum squads can develop all your needs, from integrations, customisations, MVP up to full scale.

Technology Support

Technical support across all profiles, levels, and channels, giving you a flexible, cost-effective hiring model.

What Our Customers Say

Case Study
The engineers and the team we work with at Ciklum bring a high level of expertise and a great work ethic that really resonates with our values of excellence.
Case Study
Seeking Alpha
Our experience with bringing on a mobile development team from Ciklum was absolutely stellar.
Case Study
Ciklum provides us the ability to scale up our operation on-demand when we need it.
Case Study
We work very closely with Ciklum to establish what it is we’re trying to achieve, what our objectives are, and how closely we want that integrated with our core business.
Case Study
Metro Markets
The ability to help scale was very important in our project. In less than 6 months we scaled up our team to over 100 people.
network of start-up founders
start-ups supported through their IPO process
start-up clients
unlocked in value through product development with scaled start-up clients
Blog Post

Three ways to extend your runway and free up your best R&D talent

Economic turbulence, the high cost of hiring top talent and funding limitations... Our experts explore three ways tech firms can accelerate their growth in challenging times.

Technology Radar
Start-up scaling & Innovation
Product Engineering