On-Demand Webinar

“R&D as a Service”
Original Air Date:
September 26, 2017
60 minutes


In this webinar Borys Pratsiuk, PhD, the head of Ciklum’s R&D Engineering department illuminated how companies across all sectors and industries can use Research and Development as a Service to update and improve their products or services.


1. The history of R&D
2. How is R&D driving evolution?
3. Insights from Ciklum’s R&D
4. How to innovate without an in-house R&D lab: options, challenges, and costs
5. Success stories:

• how an idea for a wearable device to save the lives of infants was turned into a prototype in just 3 months;
• how a GPS technology company developed a Proof of Concept to establish the feasibility for an agricultural positioning system — without hiring an army of programmers or developing full-cycle manufacturing.


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About the Presenter:

Borys Pratsiuk
Ph.D., Head of R&D Engineering at Ciklum

Borys has over 12 years of experience in software and hardware development, as well as embedded systems. Borys’ IoT team has won Gold Medal and Politzer Prize at the 1st World Congress of Otology in Japan for the Implantable System Restoring Blinking in Facial Nerves Paralysis.