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Big Data & Analytics

Transforming your raw technical data into clear business information

Extending a helping hand in the Data Analysis part allows your analytical departments producing a higher output, that can be used to create value for your business

HOW WE DID it for clients
Advanced Retail Analytics Solution to Predict Customer Behaviour for a US Multi-Channel Apparel Retailer
Social Analytics for a World-Leader in Video Intelligence
Data Infrastructure for Anomaly Detection and Asset Planning in Telecom
Smart Data Crawling, Intelligent Matching and Analytics for a Wine Retailer

What’S NEW in data science?

18th January 2018
“Ensuring Human Power Over Data” – Ciklum Head of R&D Engineering Will Speak at the Data Science Panel in Davos

This topic will be covered by the Data Science panelists at the first-ever Ukraine House in Davos on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum. Borys Pratsiuk, Head of R&D Engineering at Ciklum, will speak about ensuring human power over data and the expertise required. During the panel discussion, the experts will highlight the actions […]

30th November 2017
Big Data Trends To Look For In 2018

Big data is all about turning facts and figures into insight, but when it comes to the industry itself, it’s still down to humans to predict the future. Here’s how we expect 2018 to develop the sector. All About The Analytics To date, much of the hype about big data has been quantitative, with bold […]

4th October 2017
Limitations of Big Data Analytics

By now, you’ve probably heard of big data analytics, the process of drawing inferences from large sets of data. These inferences help identify hidden patterns, customer preferences, trends, and more. To uncover these insights, big data analysts, often working for consulting agencies, use data mining, text mining, modeling, predictive analytics, and optimization. As of late, […]

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Who is this for:
  • Firms wishing to convert masses of technical data into business information
  • Companies wishing to integrate analytics tools into their daily operations
  • Manufacturers who need to collect and analyse equipment data
  1. Ciklum creates a dedicated team of highly-qualified Data Scientists to set up the project in consultation with you
  2. Our data experts together with DevOps team deploy Amazon and OVH ecosystems in the course of few weeks
  3. Following preparation, modeling, visualisation and enrichment, we provide clear business answers derived from the raw technical data analysis
  4. Ciklum Data Scientists remain available for further consulting and post-project support