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Big Data & Analytics

Extending a helping hand in the data processing part allows your analytical departments producing a higher output, that can be used to create value for your business.


Big Data and Analytics solutions transform raw technical data into clear business information. Ciklum’s experts will rapidly set up data analytics tools aligned with your business goals to assist you in micro-segmenting your market and customising products.

Ciklum’s Big Data experts will assist you with:  

  • Data Preparation
  • Data Modeling & Prediction
  • Data Visualisation
  • Grouping of Data
  • Data Enrichment and Collection
  • DevOps support


  • Firms wishing to convert masses of technical data into business information

  • Companies wishing to integrate analytics tools into their daily operations

  • Industrial enterprises who need to collect and analyse equipment data

  • Companies with no budget for hiring full-time data analysts


A team of Ciklum’s Big Data experts and consultants

integrating the necessary tools in the course of 2-3 weeks

Around 5% - 15% improvement in sales

from analysing your product strategy and customer experience

Reduced deployment costs

as Ciklum big data experts reuse common functionalities and system configurations

Up to 5%-7% revenue increase

with micro-segmentation and customised product offerings

Up to 7 times faster deployment

with Ciklum's DevOps team deploying infrastructure

Dedicated data analysts team

working as your full-time employees

Increase revenue by customising your products using data

Improve My Sales With Data


  • Ciklum creates a dedicated team of highly-qualified professional Data Scientists to set up the project in consultation with you

  • Our data experts together with DevOps team deploy Amazon and OVH ecosystems in the course of few weeks

  • Following preparation, modeling, visualisation and enrichment, we provide clear business answers derived from the raw technical data analysis

  • Your Ciklum Big Data experts remain available for further consulting and post-project support