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Biomedical Engineering


Ciklum’s Biomedical Engineering experts turn your biomedical ideas into real-world products. Our team specialises in biomedical data processing and analysis algorithms,  hardware and firmware development and prototyping, desktop and mobile software application development.

Our Expertise includes:

  • Electrocardiography (ECG) and Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Evoked potentials (EP)
  • Potoplethysmography (PPG)
  • Bioimpedance, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and blood pressure (invasive and non-invasive)
  • Accelerometry, motion analysis, actigraphy
  • Temperature analysis and respiration analysis (incl. contactless by video)
  • Blood gases saturation (pCO2, SpO2 etc.)
  • MRI and PET/SPECT image processing and analysis
  • Human state multimodal monitoring


  • Healthcare companies who are producing innovative treatments and need a multidisciplinary research team to enable technology to be applied to medical discoveries

  • Big pharma corporations using technology trends to stay competitive

  • Companies producing biomedical equipment that need fast Proof Of Concept development

  • Businesses producing wearables that need to bring products to the market faster

WITH Biomedical Engineering YOU GET:

Access to our team of 10 PhDs

in Biomedical Engineering with 360 degree support of your project - from idea to manufacturing

Reduced risks by up to 50%

on early stages of Proof of Concept development and prototyping

Assistance in organising clinical trials

for biomedical systems developed for our clients in clinics with whom we have close contacts


  • We provide full lifecycle development from concept definition to production and support

  • Ciklum designs operational prototypes, with all necessary documentation, onsite mentoring, consulting and training during the production process

  • We use the most advanced techniques for feature extraction, reduction and selection, and also implement data analysis algorithms using machine learning techniques

360 degree project support –

from idea to manufacturing

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How Biomedical Engineering worked for Sensoplex

  • Sensoplex augmented its design team with Ciklum’s biomedical experts
  • Designed an analog circuit to measure galvanic skin resistance (GSR)
  • Developed and tested a firmware sample to measure SR and skin temperature
  • Advised on integrating firmware into an existing IOT platform