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Data Preparation


Data Preparation transforms raw, noisy Big Data from many sources into a clean, rationalized smaller Answer Set suitable for analytic modeling, to provide business decisions.

Our Data Preparation service supports client data scientists, data engineers, analysts and business users with a high-quality, economical and rapid data preparation solution.

Our experts deploy an extensive array of data tools such as Hadoop and Spark, to deliver high-quality Answer Sets ready for better modeling or visualisation publishing.


  • Companies fully loaded with concurrent projects and no time for data preparation

  • Businesses without their own qualified data scientists

  • Firms whose in-house data scientists are all busy

  • Companies with budget issues who need an economical data prep solution

WITH Data Preparation YOU GET:

A dedicated team of Data Preparation experts

including four PhDs and consultants with more than 100 aggregate years of business and technology experience

Faster turnaround for data prep and data analysis

– quicker answers to your questions

Preparation performed by data scientists

with best of breed tools. This translates into more available time for data scientists to analyse/model the Answer Sets

More time for your data scientists

to analyse, in turn means higher quality business decisions

Reduced cost of data preparation

with data scientists in the cost-effective location

Clean data from raw resources

for better business decisions

Clean the raw data that your data scientists hate

Clean My Messy Data


  • Ciklum creates a dedicated team of highly-qualified professional Data Scientists to set up the project in consultation with you

  • The Data Preparation team performs Iterative data transformation, cleansing, repair, standardization, classification, profiling, reduction, and de-duplication offshore on data from any kind of source

  • Optional data enrichment can be performed on data to enable more questions to be answered

  • Clean Answer Set data is provided to your own data scientists and business users for use in business analysis

  • Your Ciklum Data Preparation experts are available for consulting and post-project implementation work