Integrate security practices within the DevOps process

With this solution from Ciklum, you introduce security earlier into the lifecycle of application development. DevSecOps helps you minimise vulnerabilities and bring security closer to IT and business objectives.

DevSecOps Services

Awareness & Enablement

  • Bring the initial understanding of the approach to the Client
  • Discuss Client’s priorities and drivers
  • Align on the objectives of the long-term plan

Discovery and Assessment

  • Perform a review of the current practices at the Client
  • Identify areas for the improvement
  • Estimate resources and align on the timeline for improvement actions

PoC & Implementation

  • Implement improvement actions for main areas
  • Make changes to processes, documentation, technical configuration
  • Capture the results for implementation

DevSecOps - Confidence in Continuous Delivery, Quality and Security

Log and Perimeter MonitoringAPI Gateway Security and Performance LogsAddress Technical Security Debt, DevSec Metrics, Threat Modeling, Security Tools, TrainingIDE Security Plug-in (Veracode in Azure DevOps, JFrog Xray, SonarQube Security PluginSAST / DAST / IAST, SCAIntegration TestSoftware SigningSignature Verify, Integrity Checks, Defense In-Depth Measures (DnD)Network Monitoring, Penetration TestSecurity Orchestration, Web Application Firewall (WAF) Shielding, ObfuscationCorrelated Vulnerability AnalysisSecurity Technical Debt, Modify Incident Response, Modify Defense In-Depth Measures (DnD)2. Create1. Plan10. Adapt5. ReleaseMonitoringAndAnalyticsSecurityChampsDevOpsMonitoringAndAnalytics6. Configure7. Defect8. Respond9. Predict4. Preprod3. Verify

The value you get with DevSecOps

  • 01Introduce security earlier into the lifecycle of application development to minimise vulnerabilities
  • 02Bring security closer to IT and business objectives
  • 03Take control of the ever-growing threat of IT breaches and hacks
  • 04Mitigate risk, shorten feedback loops, reduce incidents and improve security
  • 05Quickly and securely release code
  • 06Embed security into every part of the development process

How we build DevSecOps for clients