Software Delivery Optimization & Automation

Software Delivery Optimization


Ciklum’s proprietary Software Delivery Optimization tools simplify the development and project activities on each project stage starting from pre-sale and till full release.

  • Navigator is an automation tool for project estimation optimizing software development process on earliest stages.
  • CloudEngine, developed by our DevOps Experts, is a technological open source platform to build, integrate, deploy and cloud the software on each production stage.  
  • Metrix tool evaluates both team and individual performance to improve software development productivity and code quality.


  • Distributed Software development teams

  • Startups that need quick estimation of the project

  • Growing companies with constant hiring that need an easy and quick ramp up of developer’s environment

  • Projects with continuous deployment process

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Optimize My Software Delivery
What you will get with:

10 times reduction

Up to 10 times reduction of code violations

Development costs reduction

Development costs reduction as most problems are identified before implementing changes and new features

Team performance

Team performance and code quality improvement

Higher productivity

as it allows multiple users to create separate development, testing, and production environments and invite their peers to collaboratively manage resources and applications

Higher Security

as it creates a private software defined network for each environment

Simplified system management

with unified server for entire production chain


  • On a presale stage client gets precise project estimation and assessment of technical risks using Navigator

  • After estimation, when team is starting, CloudEngine is installed. It provides all of the necessary infrastructure services such as networking, load balancing, and storage to ensure the application runs smoothly

  • To maintain and support the project, Metrix advises how to improve engineering to complete the project successfully, including how to improve delivery and QA to meet time-to-market targets